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The Analytics Academy

Executive Education in Data Science and Business Analytics

In this fast-changing world the demand for data-driven professionals keeps on growing. The Analytics Academy, part of the Amsterdam Business School, offers data science and business analytics courses, as well as tailor-made incompany and hackathon programmes. Our executive education solutions are designed to empower commercial, governmental and non-profit organisations: from senior management to hands-on data scientists and analysts. Through our programmes, professionals can stay up-to-date and relevant in their profession.

The Analytics Academy programmes

The Analytics Academy offers short-term online and on-site courses. The small scale classes guarantee a high-quality process and outcome of the course, as well as plenty of room for discussion. If you are looking for a customised in-house training, our tailor-made incompany programmes are the solution. Together we determine the content of the programme to fit the particular needs of your company.  And did you know that hackathons are not only a great solution for solving problems in an innovative way, but can also be helpful for talent development and recruiting? We can assist you in setting up and running a hackathon that is best suited to your specific needs and target groups.

What is The Analytics Academy?

The Analytics Academy was founded by ORTEC, the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Business school. At The Analytics Academy we are a great supporter of lifelong learning to ensure the expertise of professionals stays relevant to meet today’s professional demand. We believe that learning more about data science requires a sound theoretical foundation, combined with practical experience in working with the latest tools and techniques. That way, participants can directly apply the lessons learned into their daily working practice.

Data Science Capability Building at DPG Media


Do you want to know more about our courses, incompany or hackathon programmes? Please contact:

Jannice Daha LLM
Manager Executive Education
T: +31 (0)20 525 6134

Our programmes

  • Analytics Translator

    This 4-day interactive course prepares you for the valuable role of analytics translator. As an Analytics translator you will play the bridging role between data scientists and operational departments, such as marketing, HR and Finance. You will become the crucial link between data science efforts and business needs.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Managers

    This brand new 3-day masterclass provides you with the tools to create an AI strategy and set up organisational structures to develop an organisation that is ready for AI. You will learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI): use cases, algorithms, technologies and frameworks enabling you to set the effective steps to launch and operationalise AI in your organisation. The masterclass consists of 2 full days of classroom lectures and 6 online lectures of 1.5-hours each.

  • Data Science Essentials

    Are you ready to kickstart your career as a business analyst? Join 1 or all of our 5 hands-on Data Science Essentials modules. The next edition will start in 2021. You will learn the key concepts of working with data and analytics techniques and grow the skills to efficiently run data science projects, answering your organisation’s key questions.

  • Effectief Toezicht op Artificial Intelligence (in Dutch)

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is een technologie die helpt bij het uitzetten van een strategische koers, het doorrekenen van scenario’s en het creëren van waarde. Kenmerkend is het ‘Blackbox karakter’ van de technologie. De uitkomsten van de algoritmiek zijn daardoor voor betrokkenen niet verklaarbaar en transparant. Dit kan leiden tot ethisch verwerpelijke of juridisch aanvechtbare uitkomsten, zoals discriminatie, of tot waardevernietiging door grootschalige fouten. Voor leidinggevenden en commissarissen is AI dus niet alleen een asset, maar ook een risico. In deze 1-daagse masterclass krijg je handvatten aangereikt die jou als bestuurder, toezichthouder en lid van het hoger management helpen om op een goede manier met deze problematiek om te gaan.

  • Hackaton

    Do you want to solve problems that your company is facing in an innovative way? We offer tailor-made hackathons that help you tackle a variety of business issues. Hackathons can cover a broad range of topics, from business strategy and business innovation to operational management and talent development. Take on tomorrow’s business challenges by organising a hackathon!