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Research is vital to the Amsterdam Business School (ABS) and, consistent with our mission, we aim to provide research-based education.

Focal areas

At the ABS we publish internationally-recognised research across the broad spectrum of business disciplines, we have areas of excellence, and expose our students to relevant academic research in their programmes. We also encourage all applied research to be available to and inform practitioners through professional journal outputs and lectures.

Since 2020 we have 4 focal areas, in line with the UN Sustainable Development goals and our own research strengths.

Focal areas Amsterdam Business School

About our research

At the Amsterdam Business School, we aim to stimulate high-quality in research and endorse the principles of sincere academic integrity. Therefore, we have a research policy, as well as ethics rules and guidelines.

ABS behavioural lab

The ABS Behavioural lab is an academic research centre dedicated to the study of human activities that impact individual, team, or organisational performance, attitudes, and behaviours. Faculty at our School have the unique opportunity to perform behavioural research in this laboratory, which provides state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.

PhD Research

Many scholars have started their career at as a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Business School. Are you interested in starting your career as one of the 15 PhD candidates we welcome?

Knowledge Centres

Our school houses several knowledge centres and affiliated institutes where our faculty members are involved in. The dissemination of research from these initiatives, each focusing on their own field, bridges the gap with the industry and public services and fosters the scope and impact of the academic debate within society.

Annual reports

The annual reports of the Amsterdam Business School Research Institute reflect the steady growth and development of our school and its activities, research and education.