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PhD Research

Currently about 60 PhD students are working on their research at Amsterdam Business School in the fields of Accounting, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, Leadership & Management, International Strategy & Management, Marketing and Operations Management and Operations Research (area wide).

Becoming a PhD student at Amsterdam Business School?

At the University of Amsterdam, PhD students are employed by faculty as PhD researcher in a full-time position with all the benefits of employment, including a good salary.

The Amsterdam Business School aims to conduct and high-quality international research and offers teaching that meets international standards at a high-level. We regularly offer vacancies for outstanding candidates who want to pursue an academic career in the inspiring and challenging academic environment of our school and who are willing to contribute to its lively community.

Amsterdam Business School regularly has vacancies for PhD research projects in various research fields. If you are interested in the possibilities and requirements of a PhD project, please check our faculty webpage and contact the professor who is operating within your field of interest.


PhD positions will be published on the vacancy website of the UvA. Requirements, which vary by position, will be published in each vacancy.

How to prepare for a PhD traject in Finance and Data Science?

The Amsterdam-Rotterdam Consortium for Graduate Education (ARC), a joint initiative from the Economics and Business Schools of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), provides and supervises two important PhD programmes that prepare for a research traject at Amsterdam Business School. 

With Tinbergen Institute it enables an intensive two-year Research Master in Economics, Econometrics and Finance that will enable you to apply for a PhD position at Amsterdam Business School. Students who pursue a PhD in finance are selected from the Master in Economics, Econometrics and Finance at Tinbergen Institute. Read more about the admission requirements.

The Research Master in Business Data Science as a joint initiative has a strong focus on data science related to multiple business fields. Both Master programmes prepares students for further academic research. In the second year of both programmes, students are usually assigned a supervisor based on their research interests. Students who are assigned a supervisor from ABS have the opportunity to apply for a PhD position at our school. Read more about the admission requirements.

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