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Mission and vision


We aim to be a a leading European business school known for high-quality research and education. We envision the Amsterdam Business School as an institution that produces outstanding research with direct impact on our educational activities and our engagement with the business world, balancing social responsibility. We strive to be outward looking, contributing significantly to business and society.

Key focus of the Amsterdam Business School are the important transformations in business and society as described in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular those related to corporate social responsibility, digital and data and entrepreneurship and innovation. More specifically, we want to build the Amsterdam Business School into an institution that:

  • attracts highly-qualified faculty who develop innovative knowledge thas has impact
  • attracts highly-talented students


We build towards realising our vision with our 4 core values:

  1. Excellence
  2. Critical and independent thinking
  3. Social engagement
  4. An entrepreneurial and creative attitude


We seek to achieve the envisioned excellence in research and education, including the scope on social responsibility by focussing on the following key areas:

  • Strong focus on internationalisation
  • Strong partnerships with industry, start-up community, government and other academic disciplines
  • Excellent preparation for a career in business, both knowledge and skills
  • Offering outstanding research facilities and opportunities to students and staff


In line with this mission, the key stakeholders of Amsterdam Business School are:

  • Students, in offering inspiring learning opportunities to develop their talents.
  • Academic staff, in offering inspiring conditions for their professional development.
  • The University of Amsterdam, in contributing to its mission, positioning, and objectives.
  • The international scientific community, in contributing to the advancement of theory in the various business and management-related disciplines.
  • The business world, in offering excellent graduates in a range of fields, in training employees and executives, and in undertaking (joint) applied research and disseminating research findings.
  • Start-ups, in fostering through education and research in entrepreneurship at large and offering practical support.
  • The government, in educating future governmental professionals with a profound understanding of the factors that contribute to a benign business environment and hence the economic well-being of society at large.
  • Society at large, in contributing to the understanding of societal problems and their possible solutions, and in preparing students to become internationally oriented professionals and responsible world citizens.