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Executive Programme in Management Studies
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Important facts and dates

•    Tuition: €1,000 - €4,400 •    Mode: part-time
•    Duration: max. 6 months •    Language: English 
•    Next start date: September 2024 •    Type: pre-Master
•    Lectures: Friday (09:00 – 17:00) •    Location: Roeterseiland campus

For whom?

The courses of the pre-Master's programme are designed for students coming from a University of Applied Sciences background, or students with a non-business related academic or applied sciences background.

Need help?

Do you want to know more about the pre-Master's programme? Contact us for more information.

Sonja Meskanen and Ed van der Lelij
T: +31 (0)6 3855 8636
T: +31 (20) 525 5339

Study programme

Depending on your previous education, you will be required to attend some or all of the courses described below. The content of the pre-Master's programme will be determined in consultation with our admissions team.

  • Introduction to Academic Research
    Period 1
    Period 4

    Study the fundamentals of business and management research. Including: translating a management problem into a research question, finding relevant literature, learning different ways to design a research, collecting and analysing data and the ethical aspects related to doing research.

  • Management Research Methods I
    Period 1
    Period 4

    Understand the statistical concepts and techniques that are used in the area of Management and Business Administration.

  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
    Period 3
    Period 6

    Get introduced to the fundamentals of Corporate Finance and basic financial calculations. Prepare yourself for simple financial calculations in the business practice and for the more advanced course Corporate Financial Management in the Master’s.

  • Psychology and Behaviour in Organisations
    Period 1
    Period 2
    Period 3
    Period 4
    Period 5
    Period 6

    Gain a thorough knowledge of what challenges people management entails for managers. Explore theoretical and practical issues arising from the management of people in organisations and issues arising from working with others in organisations. We will focus on topics such as motivation, creativity, well-being, and diversity and biases in organisations.

  • Management Research Methods II
    Period 2
    Period 5

    Understand the statistical concepts and techniques that are used in the area of Management and Business Administration. Management Research Methods 2 broadens and deepens this knowledge.

  • Strategy and Organisation
    Period 2
    Period 5

    Get an in-depth look at the various theories in strategic management and the related organisational literature. The topics include competitive strategy, corporate strategy, the strategy process, and the link between strategy and organisation.

Admission requirements

Please check the admission requirements before you start your application process.

  • You have an academic degree (Bachelor or Master) without quantitative courses and business courses such as strategy, marketing or human resource management.
  • You have a University of Applied Sciences degree (240 ECTS, HBO in Dutch) preferably with sufficient business administration subjects.
  • If you obtained your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a University of Applied Sciences outside the Netherlands, you may have to take an English proficiency test.
  • Working and living in the Netherlands during your studies is an important admission requirement. The programme does not provide any services related to finding employment, arranging housing or visa.

How to apply

1. Check your eligibility

Do you want us to check if you meet the admission requirements for the pre-Master's programme? Submit your CV and we will let you know within 5 business days.

  • 2. Gather the required documents

    For your application, you will need to fill in and upload the following information:

    • Scan of your passport
    • CV, resume or LinkedIn profile
    • Scans of your diplomas and transcripts
  • 3. Apply online

    You can upload the required documents and submit your application online.

  • 4. After admission

    After you have submitted your application, we will contact you for more information about the start of the programme and practical matters.


Programme Tuition fee Duration
Pre-Master €4,400 6 months
Adjusted pre-Master* €1,000 - €4,400 6 months or less

* An adjusted pre-Master’s programme will be offered in case you already obtained an academic degree with sufficient research or business courses.

Fees are VAT-exempt.