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Leadership Essentials

This brand new masterclass will provide you with the tools and techniques to develop and optimise your professional behaviour and mindset. Within the framework of an immersive business simulation, you will explore your motivations, strengths and blind spots around your professional image. Through feedback, reflection and application you will learn to make more conscious choices in your professional life. The masterclass consists of 2 full days of classroom lectures, a 1-on-1 intake and a debrief interview. The next edition will start on 12 June 2023.

STAP Budget

You can request STAP Budget for this programme.

Why join the masterclass Leadership Essentials?
  • What will you learn?

    This brand new masterclass provides you with the tools and techniques to work most effectively in those critical performance situations, such as management, team and board-level meetings, new business pitches, and key client contacts. You will learn-by-doing within an immersive business simulation, led by professional actors, where you explore the motivations,  strengths and blind spots surrounding your personal communication style. The result is a deeper understanding of the impact you have on others and more confidence. Through a process of action, feedback, reflection and application, you learn to make more conscious choices in pivotal moments, enhancing your effectiveness with clients and colleagues alike.

    Performance among senior managers demands confidence and self-knowledge. Through an immersive simulation with highly-experienced trainers, this masterclass challenges you to impress and persuade others in problem solving situations. In this masterclass, we work within 3 dimensions:

    1. Authenticity: your unique set of qualities
      You will learn how to bring forward your authentic business self and use it to make a strong impact upon others, and ultimately forge agreements.
    2. Empathy: connecting to others
      You incorporate a 'listen first' approach to effective individual and group communication. You also learn how to connect and respond to management and client priorities while maintaining the power of your authentic self.
    3. Collaboration: achieving results
      You will discover your own techniques that help you collaborate under pressure, and seize opportunities during meetings.

    Intake interview

    Your course begins 1 day before the start of the masterclass with a 30 minute 1-on-1 online session to define a personal baseline and extract your unique learning goals.

    Debrief interview

    After the end of the masterclass, a second online 1:1 session will be arranged. We will review your personal process and convert your learning into individualised advice and actions based on your learning goals.

  • For whom?

    This masterclass is for high level (and highly aspirational) mid to senior managers who:

    • want to exercise and develop their executive communication skills in a variety of situational challenges.
    • frequently come into contact with high-functioning executive managers and external clients.
    • want to challenge their abilities to connect and build trust in high-pressure meetings and presentations.
    • believe they can improve their presence and performance in both daily encounters and high-visibility events.
    • want to increase their leadership skills.
    • want to learn when to step in, step up or step back.
  • Dates and fees

    This masterclass takes place twice a year.

    Schedule 2023

    Intake interview (30 minutes per participant) Monday 12 June
    Classes (09:00 - 17:00) Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 June 
    Debrief interview (30 minutes per participant) Thursday 15 June
    Autumn 2023 dates:  Monday 30, Tuesday 31 October and Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 November 

    Fee: €2,950*

    *UvA alumni get a 10% discount. Fees are VAT-exempt.

    STAP Budget

    You can request a STAP Budget for this programme. To be eligible for the subsidy of €1,000 you need a STAP registration certificate. To get this, tick the STAP Budget box in the application form above. Take into account that there are deadlines for registration and receiving the necessary STAP registration certificate.

    More about the STAP Budget
  • Practical information
    Location: Amsterdam Business School 
    Language: English
    Certification: You will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the University of Amsterdam
  • Teaching staff
‘If you’re ready to step out of your comfortzone, then this is the masterclass for you.’

Eyesha Mingo: ‘The practical techniques taught in this masterclass can be directly applied in daily life’.

‘This course highlights essential aspects of leadership that I had no previous education on.’

Barry Kroon: ‘The teachers were able to create a high-stress environment of a real life scenario, inviting all participants to step out of their comfort zones and gain valuable insights.’


Do you have questions about this or other open programmes? Please contact:

Jannice Daha LLM
Manager Executive Education
T: +31 (0)20 525 6134

Facts & Figures
Type Contract teaching
Mode Part-time, short-term
Language of instruction English
Starts in June, October
Location Roeterseiland campus