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Andrea Bellani

‘I always regarded an MBA programme as the best enabler for a complete leadership profile. However, it took me 10 years to finally enrol for one because I had my share of doubt about what would be the moment to start such a programme. Until now, it has been a worthwhile decision to step aside from my job and gather a more holistic view of what is needed to make the best business decisions.

I have only completed the first block, but I can already say that the Amsterdam MBA has taught me the underlying fundamentals that are needed to succeed as a business leader. The programme equips students with a complete overview of business trends and it develops students into effective leaders. You learn how to steer teams, projects and businesses in complex and globalized economic scenarios while fostering values like excellence, inclusion, diversity, ingenuity and innovation. It is a thorough development programme that prepares the leaders of tomorrow. On top of that, the programme is taught in one of the most sustainable, entrepreneurial and global hubs: the city of Amsterdam.

I would recommend the Amsterdam MBA to anyone who wants to play an active and leading role in shaping the business organisations of tomorrow in sustainable ways. Under the guidance of a team of top academics, you get the chance to work on your personal and professional growth. You are accompanied on this refreshing journey by a class of diverse and curious minds.

Even though the programme is challenging, the Amsterdam MBA experience is extremely enriching. Being part of a top academic institution like the UvA makes the programme efficient and effective. The quality of the programme is not only evident in the classes, contents and professors but also through the tools made available to students, the supporting staff and the activities aimed to complete our professional and personal profiles.

The quality of the lecturers is extremely high: they are well-prepared, able to link theory to practice, interact with the class and encourage debates and conversations. Their approachability stimulates the generation and exchange of ideas, allowing for a complete experience.

I am glad to be part of a community that has the ambition to learn more, grow and improve organisations and society through ingenuity, knowledge, and creativity.’