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Business Administration (Amsterdam MBA)

Job placement

Obtaining an MBA can boost your career in various ways. We keep in touch with all our MBA alumni post-graduation, tracking how long it took everyone to find which position and in which industry, their salary development and more. This helps us better meet the needs of our MBA students.

Job placement post-MBA (class 2022)

Throughout the MBA programme, the Career Partners team is there to support you with your next career step. This includes personal career coaching, skill training and networking opportunities. MBA candidates who use our services are fully prepared to enter the Dutch job market.

From the class of 2022, approximately 75% of the alumni found a job before or within one month after graduation. More statistics (3 months placement rate & 6 months placement rate) will follow by mid-2023, when the results of our career survey are in. 

Job titles

Below are a few examples of job titles held by our recent graduates:

  • CFO
  • Lead Principal Consultant
  • ESG Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Technology Manager
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Manager
  • Global Product Manager
  • Manager & Staff Advisor Research
  • Software Engineer
  • Managing Consultant Data Analytics

If you have any questions related to your career after the MBA programme, please reach out to

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Doing an MBA is an investment that requires commitment and dedication, but you will not regret it. Upon completion of my MBA degree I noticed it broadened my (business) perspective and improved my professional skills. An MBA definitely opens doors. Sven Miermans, class of 2020
'This MBA helps me in building strategy for my business going forward'

Zoya Gyurova (class of 2021) - Partner at Strik TAX/LEGAL: 'I am a managing partner at a legal consultancy firm. A few years ago, a client of mine told me that lawyers are great with letters but not good with numbers and business strategies. Well, challenge accepted! Because of this, I decided to sign up not only for an accounting course but for a whole MBA. After my research on available programmes, I found that the Amsterdam Business School shares values which were important to me, therefore I signed up for the part-time MBA offered there. I had a great time studying, sharing ideas, debating with and learning from great professors and highly knowledgeable classmates. Finalising this MBA definitely helps me in building strategy for my business going forward and staying competitive.'