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Revitalising Your Sustainability Strategy


Dimitri Lemmer

'Even though the time difference was challenging, the lecturers were very well balanced and able to keep my full attention'

Dimitri Lemmer - Management Executive at CDWE Suriname and CRS Mining

'With the significant discoveries in the mining and petroleum industry in Suriname of the last 10 years, I wanted to seize the opportunity to participate in a sustainability masterclass from a highly reputable institute such as the University of Amsterdam. As a local content partner for the international mining, oil and gas companies, it is very important to incorporate the most recent insights in strategy and sustainability in the daily operations.'

'Even though the time difference of 5 hours was challenging (with classes starting at 4:00 am local time) the lecturers were very well balanced and able to keep my full attention. The discussions with other participants from so many different disciplines were very enlightening. It was almost a perfect mix of small, large, public, private companies. The practical experience of the professors was the cherry on top.'

'I am part of the Caribbean community and this masterclass gave me valuable insights in how the larger European companies look at strategy and sustainability. For me it was important to notice that there are differences in strategy and sustainable thinking between the US and Europe. By actively participating in these kind of masterclasses as a professional, the smaller enterprises in the smaller communities get a chance not only to learn about the European and US practices within their own territories but also to share their own insights and experience. It gives us the extra tools to benchmark the sustainability performance of the multinational companies based on international best practice within our own jurisdictions.'

'I will apply many valuable tools that I learned during this masterclass in my professional life. Two of these tools are already part of the discussions at the company I currently work for, namely the importance of a purpose-driven strategy and a sustainable communication plan.'