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Our dedicated lecturers all have doctoral degrees and are experts in their fields. We work together with industry experts who are enthusiastic to share their business insights and experience. During the lectures, you get to discuss theories, apply them to real business cases and draw up creative solutions.

Industry-expert lecturers

We work together with industry experts who are enthusiastic about sharing their business insights and experiences. We are proud of our history of collaborations with the following companies and organisations:

  • MiCompany
  • LetYourDataSpeak
  • Travix International
  • MG Team LLC
  • Crunchr
  • Google
  • MIT
  • E&Y
  • Amsterdam People Analytics Centre
  • The Chasm Group
  • Thapar University

Our lecturers

Prof. dr. M. (Marc) Salomon

MBA Thesis Project | Entrepreneurship Hackathon

J. (Julien) Rossi MSc

Coding Lab | Language Technology

Dr. N.P.A. (Noud) van Giersbergen

Statistics | Data Wrangling

Dr. A.N. (Andrea) Weihrauch

Psychology of Technology | Law & Ethics for AI

Dr. M.P. (Mario) Rothfelder


M. (Martin) Heijnsbroek

Driving Impact with AI

M.J. (Menno) Heerma van Voss

Law & Ethics for AI

J.A. (Joris) Nuijten

Amsterdam Leadership Programme

Dr. S. (Stevan) Rudinac

Machine Learning | Deep Learning

Prof. dr. J. (Jeroen) de Mast

Operations & Supply Chain

Dr. R. (Réka) Felleg

Financial Accounting

Prof. dr. ir. D. (Dick) den Hertog

Optimisation for Society & Business

Prof. C.T. (Corine) Boon

Human Resource Management & People Analytics

Dr. M.J. (Maarten) Soomer

Data Science in Online Marketing

P.M. (Peter) van der Fluit MBA

Entrepreneurship Hackathon

Dr C. (Chintan) Amrit

Big Data Infrastructures & Technology

Dr. H. (Hakan) Özalp

Digital Transformations

Dr. J.E. (Jeroen) Ligterink

Corporate Finance