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MBA Big Data & Business Analytics
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Our curriculum is a combination of analytics, business and computer science. Providing you with all the crucial knowledge and (leadership) skills to succeed in an increasingly digitalised and globalised world.

Become a hands-on big data expert and leader

Our curriculum is specifically designed to help you develop into a knowledgeable big data expert. After earning your MBA title you are able to do hands-on work as well as lead data-intensive projects, departments and businesses.

Acquire 21st century skills

In the curriculum, much time will be devoted to the ‘21st century skills’. Skills required to become successful in this era: flexibility, teamwork, communication skills and ethics.

You also learn about entrepreneurship and how to develop an entrepreneurial attitude. During the intensive Entrepreneurship course and our exciting one-week international study trip you will work on your own business case.

Our lecturers

Expect state-of-the art theory taught by professors with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in this field. Practice your newly acquired knowledge on up-to-date business cases, handed to you by industry experts. They are experienced representatives from data strategy consultancies, software companies, privacy law firms, and more.

The programme

  • Courses

    The curriculum of this MBA Big Data & Business Analytics is specifically designed for students to develop into knowledgeable big data experts who are able to do the hands-on work as well as lead data-intensive projects, departments and businesses.

    You will follow courses in 3 different fields: Analytics, Business and Computer Science.

  • International Study Trip

    During the international study trip we aim to intensify your outlook on international business. During this exciting  1-week trip you take lectures at a top business school, visit local companies and networking events.

  • Big data Thesis Project

    With your thesis project you will carry out your own research, involving the application of big data in business. You may choose any field of business (marketing, operations, finance, HR, strategy, entrepreneurship, etc.). It is your chance to explore a subject relevant to your organisation or the industry in which you work; exciting, since your employer will be able to profit directly from your research results. 

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The programme guides you to the level of  communicative quant - a professional applying the latest techniques in data analytics and making an effective connection with the business side. Özlem Guven, Financial Risk Model Development, Research & Advise, alumna MBA Big Data & Business Analytics