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Executive Programme in Management Studies

Student testimonial

Grace Chen

'One of the strengths of the EPMS programme for me is the encouragement of critical thinking'

Grace Chen, International Marketing Manager at EVBox

'I was looking to increase my level of formal business education. My main goal was to gain theoretical business knowledge in order to make more informed decisions, as well as increase my credibility as a manager.'

'I gained more insight in studies of effective management of different types of teams and personalities. But I also gained additional critical thinking and data analysis skills. While the content of the core courses was largely theoretical, in a number of assignments - more so with elective classes - we had the opportunity to conduct case studies and write proposals for challenges faced by real companies. The strengths of the EPMS programme for me definitely are the encouragement of critical thinking and of open dialogue between parties with different opinions.'

'After I joined the programme, I was promoted to a manager position, overseeing a team of 10 people across Europe. It was challenging to combine work and study, although being in a new country and having not yet built social networks was helpful. Work, studying, and downtime were all scheduled. My partner also took over many household duties and was very supportive. My advice to future students would be to make sure that you’re prepared for the time investment!'