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Executive Programme in Management Studies

Student testimonial

Arshia Ghasempour

'I have learned to analyse the strategic impact of a project on the organisation as a whole and how I can maximise this impact'

Arshia Ghasempour, Senior Consultant at Deloitte.

'The EPMS programme enabled me to obtain a new perspective on responsible business and strategy in a small classroom setting, while also building my network of business professionals. The programme taught me how an organisation can operate in an ever-changing dynamic environment and how we as individuals can help an organisation achieve this ability to be dynamic. As someone who works within the field of consulting, I look at every project from a different perspective now. I have learned to think about and analyse the strategic impact a specific project could have on the organisation as a whole and how I can ultimately maximise this impact.'

'The EPMS programme taught me how to analyse problems and organisational decision-making more effectively. This way of thinking complemented my existing skillset and will undoubtedly help me becoming an effective manager in the future.'

'The programme’s strengths definitely lie in the quality of the lectures. Since the size of the group is quite small, the lectures feel intimate and there’s next to no barrier to ask questions during lectures. In my opinion, the EPMS programme has accomplished to transform traditional large-scale programmes into smaller lectures that consist of around 20 students.'

'The most interesting part of the programme is to get to know the most recent discoveries in the theories within the EPMS track you have chosen, since the programme is very much ‘up-to-date’. In the Strategy track, which I followed, a lot of emphasis was put on sustainable grow, something we’re working on within our team at the company I work for. The theories I have learned greatly help me to challenge ideas and add to discussions within my team.'

'The most fun part of the EPMS programme is definitely the time you spend with your fellow classmates. You will have the ability to form bonds and will most definitely add some friends to your next birthday party as well as massively expand your network. A few of my classmates and I would visit the on-campus bar ‘’the Krater’’ every Friday after lectures and this was a very fun way to end our day at the Amsterdam Business School.'

'The ambiance of the Amsterdam Business School is great, which is partly due to the location and partly due to lecturers and of course: your fellow students. It was a great experience feeling like a student again. Furthermore, the lectures were very insightful due to smaller quantity of students per class and the fact that the lecturers were all super knowledgeable in their respective fields and always took ample time to answer individual questions.'

'I think the key to successfully combine working and studying is to be disciplined and to plan accordingly. An example would be to plan a few days off work before the exam date, which would enable you to have enough time to be prepared for your exam. Regarding discipline, you may occasionally have to spend some time during the weekends preparing for lectures or an essay. Although this may consume some of your free time, an important thing to keep in mind is that time flies and you will be done with the programme before you know it.'

'I would suggest attending the information sessions the EPMS programme hosts multiple times a year to learn more about the programme and its contents. These sessions are held multiple times a year and they are a great way of finding out whether the content of the programme suits your wishes.'