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If you are not interested in pursuing a full degree programme, but want to deepen or broaden your knowledge, consider taking individual courses from the regular Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Economics and Business (EB).

Courses and timetable 

You can find detailed information about the EB courses and their entry requirements in the digital course catalogue. Additionally, the academic calendar outlines the periods when classes, examinations and resits are scheduled. Refer to the timetable site for specific lecture and examination dates, times and locations. You can search the timetable using the course code or course name. 

Entry requirements 

To register for contract teaching courses, you should: 

  • at least have a pre-university diploma (for first-year courses) and/or hold a Bachelor’s degree from a University of Applied Sciences (for higher-year Bachelor’s or Master’s courses); 
  • fulfil any course-specific entry requirements. You can find these requirements in the digital course catalogue

NB: for courses from the Master’s programme in Econometrics, you need explicit permission from the designated lecturer as an additional entry requirement. You request permission by sending an email to the lecturer. You can find the lecturer’s email address in the course description in the course catalogue. Once you have obtained permission, submit the proof of permission along with your registration form. 

Pre-Master’s programmes 

If you are a pre-Master’s student, there may be cases where you can complete the outstanding courses in your pre-Master’s programme through contract education. The UvA Economics and Business admissions office, Student Desk or programme management will inform you whether this applies to your specific pre-Master’s programme. 

Additionally, if relevant to your situation, you have the option to take any additional prerequisite (deficiency) courses not included in the standard pre-Master’s programme. This is particularly applicable to the Accountancy & Control pre-Master’s programme, where you may need to complete the additional prerequisite courses Financial Accounting 2 (6013B0511), Management Accounting 2 (6013B0514) and Finance 1 for Business (6012B0422). 

Deficiency courses 

If you are preparing for a post-Master’s programme to become a registered accountant (RA) or registered controller (RC), for example, you can address any deficiency courses through contract teaching.

Registering for contract teaching 

Complete the registration form to register for your desired courses for the 2024-2025 academic year. If you have a UvA student ID number, kindly include it on the form. Do make sure that you fulfil the entry requirements for each course before registering, as refunds will not be issued if it turns out later that this is not the case. 

NB: after submitting the registration form, it may take a few minutes for it to be processed. Don't navigate away from the page until you receive confirmation of submission. 


On the registration form, you can indicate your preferred tutorial. If your chosen tutorial is at full capacity, you will be assigned to an available one. If all tutorials are full, your registration will be cancelled, and a refund will be issued. You can find the number of tutorials available for each course in the timetable. 


We will process your registration up to a maximum of three weeks before the start of the respective course. After that, we will be unable to process your registration. Your registration is valid for a maximum of one academic year and entitles you to take one lecture series, one examination and one resit, if necessary. 

Automatic registration for examinations and resits 

Upon registering for a course, you will be registered for the examination and any potential resit automatically. Following registration, you will receive an email within a few weeks containing your UvAnetID and a link to request your student ID card, which will also serve as your identification during the examination and resit. 

Costs and cancellation policy 

Course fees are calculated based on the number of European Credits (ECTS) associated with each course. The fee for the 2024-2025 academic year is €200 per ECTS (inclusive of examination fees). As such, a course worth 6 ECTS would cost €1,200. You can only cancel a registration in writing by emailing If classes for the relevant course have not yet commenced, a €100 cancellation fee will apply. If classes have already started, no refunds will be issued, and you will be responsible for the full course fee. 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via: 

T: +31 20 525 5630