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We were pleased to once again welcome our students to the business seminar series UvA in DeLaMar. These sessions were organised by the Amsterdam Business School (ABS). The event featured inspirational speakers from major (international) companies.

The last session of this series took place on 24 March 2023. The first session took place on Friday 17 February 2023. Students will be notified by the MSc Business Administration programme about how they can obtain tickets. All others interested in attending can send an email to the UvA in DeLaMar organisation. This event will feature 2 speakers who will walk you through the latest trends in the labour market. More information about the theme and speakers can be found below.

Programme 2023 spring edition

Since our students are close to entering the labour market, we invited guest speakers to share their vision on how you should prepare yourself. What kind of knowledge is important? And do you need to have a basic understanding (or even advanced knowledge) of programming? What is the importance of skills?

24 March

The guest speakers on 24 March are Nicole Verburg (VodafoneZiggo) and Jean-Yves Larraufie (L'Oreal Dermalogica, Benelux). Their presentations will focus on the theme of  marketing and digital transformation.

2 presentations on Friday 24 March: Marketing and digital transformation

17 February (closed)

The 2 speakers are Dominique Hermans (CE Northern Europe at Randstad) and Rina Joosten (Founder and CEO of Pera). Both are leading experts in this field and they will also answer questions about their own career journey. Mark van der Veen (Director of the UvA Graduate School of Business)  will host the session. He will share his thoughts on the strategy and some of the major challenges in preparing students for their professional careers.

2 presentations on 17 February from 13:00 - 15:00: Preparing for tomorrow’s jobs (registration closed)
  • Dominique Hermans, Chief Executive Randstad Northern Europe

    Dominique will walk you through the trends on the labour market using with facts and figures and examples from Randstad. She will give you an inside look at the future of work and the needs of talent looking for a job. She will also show you the challenges faced by organisations in their workforce management.

    About Dominique Hermans

    Dominique Hermans earned a master's degree in industrial sciences and spent the first years of her career working as an engineer on various projects. This allowed her to get to know a number of companies from the inside, this triggered her interest in the people-side of the business sector. In 2001, she joined Randstad to contribute to the success of companies based on that talent need. She started as manager in Belgium and quickly advanced to regional director and national director. After becoming responsible for Tempo-Team in Belgium, she was asked to cross the border into the Netherlands. In the Netherlands she has in recent years consecutively led Tempo-Team, Randstad and the Randstad Group. As of 1 January 2023, she holds the position of Chief Executive Northern Europe.

  • Rina Joosten (founder and CEO Pera)

    Rina is the Co-Founder and CEO at Pera. This tech start up develops the Pera Skope to support companies to confidently invest in the right people.

About UvA in DeLaMar

'UvA in DeLaMar' is organised by the Amsterdam Business School and  hosted by theatre DeLaMar. Alumni, employees and relations of the Amsterdam Business School and students of MSc in Business Administration and the Executive Programme in Management Studies are invited to attend.