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Leadership & Management

The Leadership & Management section of the ABS aims to conduct and publish high-quality, international research, and to provide high-quality teaching at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels.


The members of this group publish on a wide range of topics including ethical and charismatic leadership in organisations, HR analytics, stereotypes, and the role of time, motivation and emotions.


Teaching includes basic courses on organisational  behaviour, research methods, and HRM, as well as advanced courses on leadership, managing people strategically, performance management, cross-cultural, change management and people analytics. We teach in Bachelor's and Master's programmes, the Executive Master's programme, Pre-Master's programmes , and in MBA programmes. Our objectives for the coming years include further improving and expanding our research and publications, strengthening our international ties and continually improving our teaching in the various programmes of the Amsterdam Business School.

The Leadership & Management section is chaired by Prof. Deanne den Hartog and Prof. Frank Belschak.