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Student review

'What I enjoyed most was teaming up with fellow students'

Wang Xinling - Corporate Finance track

'After earning my double Bachelor's degree in Mathematical Economics I became highly interested in corporate finance. This Master’s track in Finance gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into this field.'

'And the programme has been far beyond my expectations. What I enjoyed most was teaming up with fellow students and brainstorming with them. My understanding of financial knowledge has gotten deeper through the fusion of different ideas. The multi-cultural background of students and faculty stimulate you to being open to new ways of thinking.'

'To me, the experience of studying at the Amsterdam Business School is thus two-fold: one the one hand, the atmosphere is relaxed, giving room to freely express yourself and discuss openly with one another. On the other hand there is this typical academic, fast-paced vibe, which I find positively challenging.'

'After all, Amsterdam is not just a fantastic city of entertainment and fun but, in my opinion, more like a window for people who want to keep on learning and discovering.'