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International Business (MSc Business Administration)
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The study programme

The study programme of the International Business (IB) track focuses on the ways in which organisations engage in international business and how countries differ systematically in terms of resource endowments, market opportunities, and institutional, cultural and regulatory frameworks.

Help multinationals make the right choices

The curriculum of the International Business track combines management, strategy and methodological approaches, with a particular focus on the international context. Emphasis is on how to identify strategies and tools to succeed in foreign markets. You will discover how large multinational enterprises (MNEs) are structured and managed. Become familiar with the range of methods to enter foreign markets.

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Devoted team of lecturers

Our international team of lecturers and researchers is devoted to take you on this challenging intellectual journey. They will invite you to discuss theories, practise them in real-life cases and come up with creative solutions. Thus providing you with a solid foundation for a future career in an increasingly globalised business landscape.

The programme

International Business is one of the tracks of the MSc Business Administration. During your Master's you will follow 5 general courses and 3 track-specific courses. You will finish with a thesis. If you have a fundamental drive to challenge the corporate environment, you can participate in our Honours programme Sustainability.

  • Compulsory courses

    Ethics and the Future of Business

    The purpose of this course is to explore the trends, core concepts, theories, and approaches of business ethics and corporate sustainability. The course is divided into a general part and a track-specific part.

    Business Seminar and Professional Skills 1 & 2

    To prepare you for your professional career, this course is a combination of a series of corporate guest lecturers in Royal Theatre Carré and an offering of professional skills training e.g. Presentation Skills, Programming with Python and more.

    The Business Lab: choose your electives

    In The Business Lab, you can choose from a wide selection of electives we call business labs. Each one is connected to a corporate partner. You will be challenged to solve real-world business issues, working in international teams and presenting your solution to the company.

    Research Foundations & Thesis Proposal

    This course is meant to support you in writing you research proposal for you Master's thesis. During the course, you will learn how to change a general topic into a specific research proposal.

  • Track-specific courses

    Theories of International Business

    Explore the basic concepts of international business. Learn about the international business environment, foreign direct investment, global governance, and home and host countries' influence on stakeholders at home and abroad. Become familiar with the increasingly multifaceted and interdependent nature of international business. Specific topics include:

    • conceptualisation of international business and multinational enterprises
    • IB environment, global and regional integration processes
    • strategies and methods of foreign market entry
    • role of distance, influence of home and host countries on international business
    • new typologies of international and emerging market firms

    International Business Context

    Further explore core topics in international business and corporate governance. In their strategic choices, firms must consider cultural, institutional and regulatory factors. Some of the questions you will research and discuss are: what are the main contextual factors that influence strategic choices? How do nations differ in terms of their (in)formal institutions and national business systems? What are the cross-country cultural models? How is corporate governance practised in different countries?

    International Strategy

    Although MNEs like Toyota, IBM and Nestlé are extremely successful in their international operations, foreign ventures often flop, like Wal-Mart in Germany. In this course, you examine the challenges that managers face in identifying strategies and tools to help their companies be successful abroad. Examples of questions you will address include: why do firms become multinational? How do they select host countries? What strategies can they follow to manage foreign operations?

  • Thesis

    The Master’s thesis is the final requirement for your graduation. It is your chance to dive deep into a topic that you are enthusiastic about. A professor in your track will supervise and support you in writing your thesis.

    Upon graduation, you will be awarded the title Master of Science (MSc).

  • Honours programmes

    Highly motivated students can participate in the MSc Business Administration Honours programmes Sustainability or Data Driven Management. These challenging programmes are a great chance to stand out for future employers.

Real-life case: COVID-19 and global value chains

Discuss how COVID-19 and associated shocks in the mobility of people and goods are impacting international business within global value chains and how multinational enterprises are coping with risks and uncertainties related to outsourcing and offshoring decisions.

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The International Business specialisation offers an in-depth knowledge on European businesses and climates. I feel well prepared to advance in business environments. Arda Elma - track International Business Read about Arda's experiences with this Master's

Contemporary issues

The following are only a few of the key questions that arise when examining the current IB landscape:

  • How do recent shifts in geopolitics influence global business?
  • How is the increased connectedness within and across countries changing the way companies operate?
  • How can cultural issues influence the activities of MNEs?
  • How does the introduction of trade tariffs affect a firm’s international strategies?
  • How does international political instability affect international business? 
UVA in Carré | MSc Business Administration
Inspiring kick-off in Royal Theatre Carré

You will kick off your studies with 'UvA in Carré', a series of inspirational seminars featuring prominent speakers from leading companies such as ING, L’Oréal, Vodafone, Ahold Delhaize, VandeBron and Google. They will present their visions on current business issues and share their insights and experiences.

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