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ING Investment Management: Senior Product Manager
Paulrich Lawrence Tan

Why MIF?

Even at a young age, I have always been fascinated by the dynamism of the financial markets. This innate curiosity led me to pursue a career in investment management back in 2007. I started working in Asia, with my last post in Hong Kong, and my job eventually brought me to the Netherlands.  Currently, I am a Senior Product Manager (Luxembourg Funds) at ING Investment Management.

Despite having more than six years of practical experience in the financial industry and also completing the CFA program, I still wanted to further solidify my knowledge in finance. The MIF programme was the perfect solution for me as it combines theory with practical application. For instance, some classes have challenging case studies focusing on finance where students have to work in groups to come up with recommendations to solve real-world problems.

Why ABS?

I chose the ABS as it is considered a relatively young business school in Europe, which means that it has the flexibility to adapt to the needs of today.  This, combined with the long history of its parent University of Amsterdam – one of the best universities in the EU – truly makes it a unique institution.

I enjoy studying here: Amsterdam is an extremely vibrant city that breathes openness. Being one of the major business hubs in the EU, the city attracts people from all walks of life.  It also has a distinct history especially in trade and Finance. Unbeknownst to many, the first stock exchange was actually in Amsterdam!  Its unique vibe and history make it an interesting place for learning.

The programme

The courses on offer provide students with a mix of theory and practice, with a good level of depth.  General financial theories are taught on courses such as Corporate Finance, Investments and Derivatives. Core concepts from these courses are then applied in Financial Modelling classes, as well as in tools such as Eviews and MATLAB.  Having a solid grasp of both theory and practice is important especially in the corporate environment.  The Cape Town trip was also extremely enriching as it provided students a glimpse of the challenges and opportunities in modern day South Africa and the African continent as a whole.

While the class size was small, it still attracted a diverse group of fellow students from many different countries. This was important in bringing different perspectives especially in group assignments.  Some students also have solid industry experience under their belt which added to the depth of class discussions.

One of the key added-value aspects of the programme is its professors. Apart from permanent professors who have solid experience and knowledge, visiting professors who have taught (or are teaching) in prestigious financial programmes in the world also fly in to Amsterdam.  This gives the programme a world-class edge.

Career Perspectives

Armed with the knowledge and skills gained after completing the MIF programme, I am confident that I can face the challenges in the ever-changing landscape of the financial industry. My goal is to continue pursuing a career in asset management with greater responsibilities, and perhaps even shifting to the hedge fund or PE industries when opportunities arise.  I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is looking for a challenge to further hone their financial knowledge