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Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF)

Jørgen Lisøy (Norway)

Bergen Capital Management AS: Corporate finance

International Finance alumni

Why a MIF programme?

The MIF is tailor made for students pursuing a career in finance. The programme provides a broad background in finance, as well as in-depth knowledge in the fields you find interesting.

The MIF was perfect for me as it combined theory with practical application. The combination of professors, guest lecturers and students with diverse backgrounds really sparks discussions and learning. Case studies challenge you to work in groups to solve real-world problems.

Why ABS?

The school is highly regarded both internationally and in the Netherlands. The quality of professors and staff is very high, they are highly motivated to give students all the assistance they require. It has an excellent location in the centre of Amsterdam. The ABS has a good connection with major companies in Amsterdam, which gives opportunities for company visits. As part of the University of Amsterdam, one of Europe’s major comprehensive universities, you can take part in all kinds of activities/courses and network with students from others faculties.

What do you think of Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a fantastic city, rich in history and culture. It is a big city with everything just a bike ride away. The city has something for everyone, whether it be nightlife, attractions, shopping or just walking by the canals.

What did you think of the courses?

The courses were well designed with a good mix of theory and practical application. The lectures were interesting and stimulated active participation. Guest lecturers played an important role with regard to the practical application of theory.

Casework was an important part of most courses. The cases gave an opportunity to apply new knowledge on real-world scenarios.  

The MIF trip to Cape Town was also an amazing learning experience. We learned by seeing  good investment opportunities in emerging markets and how they could also benefit the local population.

What did you think of your fellow students?

It was amazing to see how people from such different backgrounds could adapt so well to each other. Already at a very early stage the class developed into a tight group, with interesting conversations both inside and outside the school. It was fun to study in an environment with some many motivated and talented people. Studying together with part time students also gives a professional perspective in discussions.

What did you think of professors/staff?

The MIF staff was excellent – something that I noticed from my first contact with them in the application phase. They responded quickly to requests and were always helpful. Throughout the year they really made an effort to ensure that all services met the highest standard.

One of the advantages of a smaller class was that you get to interact with the professors on a completely different level. They facilitate lively discussions and challenge you to think critically. The quality of the professors at Amsterdam Business School was very high, with backgrounds from both academia and/or top companies.  They were motivating in lectures and always happy to discuss topics of interest.

Did the MIF meet up with your expectations?

The MIF met my expectations in all stages.

Do you think the MIF – alumni network is a valuable asset?

The MIF alumni is definitely a valuable asset. I had the pleasure of meeting several alumni at the ABS speaker events and alumni events. They were all forthcoming and could give valuable insights to their respective industry.

What are your career goals post MIF?

Prior to studying at  ABS I had an interest in corporate finance and private equity. Meeting professionals from these industries only stimulated  my interest in these fields even more. My carrier goal now is to further develop within finance and gain industry knowledge.