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Researchers of the Amsterdam Business School publish in highly ranked academic refereed journals on a regular basis. Find an overview of our selections international publications.
  • Publications 2022

    International refereed publications

    Ahmadi, S., Jansen, J. & Eggers, J.P. (2022). Using Stretch Goals for Idea Generation Among Employees: One Size Does Not Fit All! ORGANIZATION SCIENCE, 33, (2), 671-687. [A*]

    Almeida, J.G., Hartog, D.N. den, Hoogh, A.H.B. de, Franco, V.R. & Porto, J.B. (2022). Harmful leader behaviors: Toward an increased understanding of how different forms of unethical leader behavior can harm subordinates. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, 180, (1), 215-244. [A]

    Amrit, C., Besten, M.D., Capiluppi, A. & Robles, G. (2022). Guest Editorial: Collaboration and Innovation Dynamics in Software Ecosystems. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ONS ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT, 69, (6), 3584-3588. [A]

    Andonov, A. & Rauh, J. (2022). The Return Expectations of Public Pension Funds. THE REVIEW OF FINANCIAL STUDIES, 35, (8), 3777–3822. [A*]

    Bauer, R., Eberhardt, I. & Smeets, P. (2022). A Fistful of Dollars: Financial Incentives, Peer Information, and Retirement Savings. THE REVIEW OF FINANCIAL STUDIES, 35, (6), 2981-3020. [A*]

    Böhm, S., Carrington, M., Cornelius, N., Bruin, B. de, Greenwood, M., Hassan, L., Jain, T., Karam, C., Kourula, A., Romani, L., Riaz, S. & Shaw, D. (2022). Ethics at the centre of global and local challenges: Thoughts on the future of business ethics. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, 10, 835-861. [A]

    Bombaij, N.J.F., Gelper, S. & Dekimpe, M.G. (2022). Designing successful temporary loyalty programs: An exploratory study on retailer and country differences. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING, 39, (4), 1275-1295. [A*]

    Brandl, K., Perri, A., Scalera, V.G., Assche, A. van & Ambos, B. (2021). The nature of innovation in global value chains. JOURNAL OF WORLD BUSINESS, 56, (4). [A]

    Bridoux, F. & Stoelhorst, J.W. (2022). Stakeholder Governance: Solving the Collective Action Problems in Joint Value Creation. ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT REVIEW, 47, (2), 214-236. [A*]

    Bridoux, F. & Stoelhorst, J.W. (2022). Stakeholder theory, strategy, and organization: Past, present, and future. STATEGIC ORGANIZATION, 20, (4), 797-809. [A]

    Bright, J., Marchal, N., Ganesh, B. & Rudinac, S. (2022). How Do Individuals in a Radical Echo Chamber React to Opposing Views? Evidence from a Content Analysis of Stormfront. HUMAN COMMUNICATION RESEARCH, 48, (1), 116-146. [10/96] [A]

    Canning, M., O’Dwyer, B. & Boomsma, R. (2022). Managing the Offshoring of Audit Work: Spanning the Boudaries between Onshore and Offshore Auditors. AUDITIN: A JOURNAL OF PRACTICE & THEORY, 41, (2), 57-91. [A]

    Carson, E., Simnett, R., Thürheimer, U. & Vanstraelen, A. (2022). Involvement of Component Auditors in Multinational Group Audits: Determinants, Audit Quality and Audit Fees. JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, 60, (4), 1419-1462. [A*]

    Castellani, D., Lavoratori, K., Perri, A. & Scalera, V.G. (2022). International connectivity and the location of multinational enterprises' knowledge‐intensive activities: Evidence from US metropolitan areas. GLOBAL STRATEGY JOURNAL12, (1), 82-107. [A]

    Castellani, D., Perri, A. & Scalera, V.G. (2022). Knowledge integration in multinational enterprises: the role of inventors crossing national and organizational boundaries. JOURNAL OF WORLD BUSINESS57, (3), 101290. [A]

    Chen, M.A., Tran, H., Wu, Q. & Zhivotova, E. (2022). Are Directors Rewarded for Excellence? Evidence from Reputation Shocks and Career Outcomes. THE REVIEW OF CORPORATE STUDIES, 11, (2), 263–313. [A]

    Chen, Z., Zhao, X., Liao, J., Li, X. & Kanoulas, E. (2022). Temporal knowledge graph question answering via subgraph reasoning. KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS, 251, 109134. [A]

    Ciulli, F., Kolk, A., Bidmon, C., Sprong, N. & Hekkert, M. (2022). Sustainable business model innovation and scaling through collaboration. ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATION AND SOCIETAL TRANSITIONS, 45, 289-301 [8/128] [A*]

    Dekker, R., Koot, P., Birbil, S.I. & Embden Andres, M. van (2022). Co-designing algorithms for governance: Ensuring responsible and accountable algorithmic management of refugee camp supplies. BIG DATA & SOCIETY, 9, (1), 1-15. [A*]

    Delfgaauw, J., Dur, R., Onemu, O. & Sol, J. (2022). Team incentives, social cohesion, and performance: A natural field experiment. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 68, (1), 230-256. [A*]

    Demmers, J., Weihrauch, A.N. & Mattison Thompson, F.H. (2022). Your data are (not) my data: The role of social value orientation in sharing data about others. JOURNAL OF CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY32, (3), 500-508. [A*]

    Doorn, S. van, Heyden, M.L.M., Reimer, M., Buyl, T. & Volberda, H.W. (2022). Internal and external interfaces of the executive suite: Advancing research on the porous bounds of strategic leadership. LONG RANGE PLANNING, 55, (3) 10221452022. [A]

    Doren, D. van, Khanagha, S., Volberda, H.W. & Caniëls, M.C.J. (2022). The external commercialisation of technology in emerging domains–the antecedents, consequences, and dimensions of desorptive capacity. TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, 34, (3), 258-273. [B]

    Dupin, L., Wang, T. & Wezel, F.C. (2022). Designing and Aligning Interprofessional Relations: Third-party ties and partnership formation in the silk industry of 18th – century Lyon. ORGANIZATION STUDIES, 43, (12), 1891-1914. [A*]

    Ewijk, B.J. van, Gijsbrechts, E. & Steenkamp, J.B.E. (2022). The dark side of innovation: How new SKUs affect brand choice in the presence of consumer uncertainty and learning. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING39, (4), 967-987. [A*]

    Ewijk, B.J. van, Gijsbrechts, E. & Steenkamp, J.B.E. (2022). What drives brands’ price response metrics? An empirical examination of the Chinese packaged goods industry. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING, 39, (1), 288-312. [A*]

    Fan, Z., Xiao, X. & Zhou, H. (2022). Moment Risk Premia and Stock Return Predictability. JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS, 57, (1), 67-93. [A*]

    Fan, Z., Londono, J.M. & Xiao, X. (2022). Equity tail risk and currency risk premiums. JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL ECONOMICS, 143, (1), 484-503. [A*]

    Foss, N., Lee, P.M., Murtinu, S. & Scalera, V.G. (2022). The XX factor: Female managers and innovation in a cross-country setting. THE LEADERSHIP QUARTERLY33, (3), 101537. [A]

    Francke, M.K. & Minne, A.M. van de (2022). Daily Appraisal of Commercial Real Estate: A New Mixed Frequency Approach. REAL ESTATE ECONOMICS, 50, (5), 1257-1281. [A]

    Goedhart, R. & Woodall, W.H. (2022). Monitoring proportions with two components of common cause variation. JOURNAL OF QUALITY TECHNOLOGY, 54, (3), 324-337. [A]

    Gold, A., Detzen, D., Mourik, O. van, Wallage, Ph. & Wright, A. (2022). Walking the Talk? Managing Errors in the Audit Profession. CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, 39, (4), 2223-2969. [A*]

    Gutierrez, L., Lameijer, B.A., Anand, G., Antony, J. & Sunder M.V. (2022). Beyond efficiency: the role of lean practices and cultures in developing dynamic capabilities microfoundations. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS AND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT, 42, (13), 506-536. [A]

    Heemskerk, M., Mandjes, M. & Mathijsen, B. (2022). Staffing for many-server systems facing non-standard arrival processes. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, 296, 900-913. [A]

    Hilken, T., Heller, J., Keeling, D.I., Chylinski, M., Mahr, D. & Ruyter, K. de (2022). Bridging imagination gaps on the path to purchase with augmented reality: Field and experimental evidence. JOURNAL OF INTERACTIVE MARKETING, 57, (2), 356-375. [A]

    Huberts, L.C.E., Schoonhoven, M. & Does, R.J.M.M. (2022). Monitoring student progress: A case study to predict student success or failure. JOURNAL OF QUALITY TECHNOLOGY, 54, (2), 127-143. [A]

    Hüffmeier, J., Torka, A.-K., Jäckel, E. & Schäpers, P. (2022). Open Science Practices in IWO Psychology: Urban Legends, Misconceptions, and a False Dichotomy. A commentary on Guzzo et al. INDUSTRIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY: PERSPECTIVES ON SCIENCE AND PRACTICE, 15, 520-524. [A*]

    Igna, I. & Venturini F. (2022). The determinants of AI innovation in Europe. RESEARCH POLICY, 52, (2), 104661. [A*]

    Jochem, T., Dietrichson, J. & Gudmundsson, J. (2022). Why don't we talk about it? Communication and Coordination in Teams. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR & ORGANIZATION, 197, 257-278. [A]

    Kackovic, M. & Wijnberg, N.M. (2022). Artists finding Galleries: Entrepreneurs Gaining Legitimacy in the Art Market. ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND PRACTICE, 46, (4), 1092-1116. [A*]

    Khanagha, S., Volberda, H.W., Alexiou, A. & Annosi, M.C. (2022). Mitigating the dark side of agile teams: Peer pressure, leaders’ control, and the innovative output of agile teams. JOURNAL OF PRODUCT INNOVATION MANAGEMENT, 39, (3), 334-350262022. [A]

    Korsunova, A., Halme, M. & Kourula, A. (2022). Necessity-driven circular economy in low-income contexts: How informal sector practices retain value for circularity. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE, 76, 102573. [11/454][A*]

    Kuiper, A. & Lee, R.H. (2022). Appointment scheduling for multiple servers. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 68, (10), 6065-7791. [A*]

    Kuru, N., Birbil, S.I., Gurbuzbalaban, M. & Yildirim, S. (2022). Differentially private accelerated optimization algorithm. SIAM JOURNAL OF OPTIMIZATION, 32, (2), 795-821. [8/267][A*]

    Levering, N., Boon, M., Mandjes, M. & Núñez Queija, R. (2022). A framework for efficient dynamic routing under stochastically varying conditions. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART B, 160, 97-124. [36/648][A*]

    Lévesque, M., Obschonka, M. & Nambisan, S. (2022). Pursuing impactful entrepreneurship research using artificial intelligence. ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND PRACTICE. 46, (4), 803-832. [A*]

    Ludwig, S., Herhausen, D., Grewal, D., Bove, L., Benoit, S. & Ruyter, K. de et al. (2022). Communication in the gig economy: Buying and selling in online freelance marketplaces. JOURNAL OF MARKETING, 86, (4), 141-161. [A*]

    Lukka, K. & Wouters, M. (2022). Towards interventionist research with theoretical ambition. MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, 55, 100783. [A]

    Maas, V.S. & Yin, H. (2022). Finding partners in crime? How transparency about managers’ behavior affects employee collusion. ACCOUNTING, ORGANIZATIONS & SOCIETY, 96, 101293. [A*]

    Magnier, L. & Mugge, R. (2022). Replaced too soon? An exploration of Western European consumers’ replacement of electronic products. RESOURCES, CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING, 185, 106448. [A*]

    Mast, J. de, Lameijer, B., Linderman, K. & Ven, A. van de (2022). Exploring the process of management system implementation: A case of six sigma. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS AND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT, 42, (13), 1-24. [A]

    Mewes, L., Ebert, T., Obschonka, M., Rentfrow, P.J., Potter, J. & Gosling, S.D. (2022). Psychological openness and the emergence of breakthrough vs. incremental innovations: A regional perspective. ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY98, (4), 379-410. [A*]

    Mihalache, M. & Mihalache, R.O. (2022). How workplace support for the COVID-19 pandemic and personality traits affect changes in employees' affective commitment to the organization and job-related well-being. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT61, (3), 295-314. [A]

    Mihalache, M., Mihalache, R.O. & Ende, J. van den (2022). International Diversification and MNE Innovativeness: A Contingency Perspective of Foreign Subsidiary Portfolio Characteristics. MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW, 61, 769-798. [A]

    Minne, A.M. van de, Francke, M.K. & Geltner, D.M. (2022). Forecasting US Commercial Property Price Indexes using Dynamic Factor Models. JOURNAL OF REAL ESTATE RESEARCH, 44, (1), 29-55.

    Neerijnen, P. van, Tempelaar, M.P. & Vrande, V. van de (2022). Embracing Paradox: TMT paradoxical processes as a steppingstone between TMT reflexivity and organizational ambidexterity. ORGANIZATION STUDIES, 43, (11), 1793-1814. [A*]

    Overgoor, G., Rand, W., Dolen, W.M. van & Mazloom, M. (2022). Simplicity is not key: Understanding firm-generated social media images and consumer liking. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING, 39, (3), 639-655. [A*]

    Peeters, Y., Boer, A. den & Mandjes, M. (2022). Continuous assortment optimization with logit choice probabilities under incomplete information. OPERATIONS RESEARCH, 70, (3), 1613-1628. [A*]

    Perotti, E.C., & Rola-Janicka, M. (2022). The Good, the Bad and the Missed Boom. REVIEW OF FINANCIAL STUDIES, 35, (11), 5025-5056. [A*]

    Perotti, E.C., Martinova, N. & Suarez, J. (2022). Capital forbearance in the bank recovery and resolution game. JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL ECONOMICS, 146, (3), 884-904. [A*]

    Plangger, K., Grewal, D., Ruyter, K. de & Tucker, C. (2022). The future of digital technologies in marketing: A conceptual framework and an overview. JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE, 50, 1-10. [A*]

    Polyportis, A., Mugge, R. & Magnier, L. (2022). Consumer acceptance of products made from recycled materials: A scoping review. RESOURCES, CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING, 186, 106533. [A*]

    Prooijen, J.W. van, Cohen Rodrigues, T., Bunzel, C., Georgescu, O., Komáromy, D. & Krouwel, A.P. (2022). Populist gullibility: Conspiracy theories, news credibility, bullshit receptivity, and paranormal belief. POLITICAL PSYCHOLOGY, 43, (6), 1061-1079. [A]

    Roos, E., Brekelmans, R., Eekelen, W. van, Hertog, D. den & Leeuwaarden, J. van (2022). Tight tail probability bounds for distribution-free decision making. EUROPEAN JOURNAL ON OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, 299, (3), 931-944. [A]

    Ruyter, K. de, Keeling, D.I., Plangger, K., Montecchi, M., Scott, M.L. & Dahl, D.W. (2022). Reimagining marketing strategy: driving the debate on grand challenges. JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE, 50, (1), 13-21. [A*]

    Speklé, R.F., Verbeeten, F.H.M. & Widener, S.K. (2022). Nondyadic Control Systems and Effort Direction Effectiveness: Evidence from the Public Sector. MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, 54, 100769. [A]

    Storm, P.J., Mandjes, M. & Arem, B. van (2022). Efficient evaluation of stochastic traffic flow models using Gaussian process approximation. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART B, 164, 126-144. [A*]

    Szatmari, B. (2022). Young stars and red giants: The moderating effect of age diversity on the relationship between the proportion of high performers and team performance. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY, 107, (10), 1878–1888. [A*]

    Tavakoli, M., Faraji, A., Vrolijk, J., Molavi, M., Mol, S.T. & Kismihók, G. (2022). An AI-based open recommender system for personalized labor market driven education. ADVANCED ENGINEERING INFORMATICS, 52, 101-508. [30/235][A]

    Terovitis, S. (2022). Information disclosure and the feedback effect in capital markets. JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL INTERMEDIATION, 49, 100897. [A]

    Tomaselli, A., Ebbers, J.J. & Torluccio, G. (2022). Investments in Nascent Project-Based Enterprises: The interplay between role-congruent reputations and institutional endorsement. ORGANIZATION STUDIES43, (4), 595-622. [A*]

    Veenman, D. & Verwijmeren, P. (2022). The Earnings Expectations Game and the Dispersion Anomaly. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 68, (4) 3129-3149. [A*]

  • Publications 2021

    International refereed publications

    Andonov, A., Kräussl, R. & Rauh, J. (2021). Institutional Investors and Infrastructure Investing. REVIEW OF FINANCIAL STUDIES, 34, (8), 3880-3934. [A*]

    Beber, A., Driessen, J, Neuberger, A. & Tuijp, P. (2021). Pricing Liquidity Risk with Heterogeneous Investment Horizons. JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL AND QUANTATIVE ANALYSIS, Vol. 56(2), 373-408. [A*]

    Bertsimas, D., Hertog, D. den & Pauphilet, J. (2021). Probabilistic guarantees in Robust Optimization: a general methodology. SIAM JOURNAL ON OPTIMIZATION, 31, (4), 2893-2920. [A*]

    Bohnsack, R., Ciulli, F. & Kolk, A. (2021). The role of business models in firm internationalization: An exploration of European electricity firms in the context of the energy transition. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, 52, (2), 824-852. [A*]

    Bos, O., Gomez-Martinez, F., Onderstal, S. & Truyts, T. (2021). Signalling in auctions: Experimental evidence. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR & ORGANIZATION, 187, 448-469. [A]

    Capelleveen, G. van, Amrit, C., Zijm, H., Yazan, D.M. & Abdi, A. (2021). Toward building recommender systems for the circular economy: Exploring the perils of the European Waste Catalogue JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 277, 111430. [A*]

    Capelleveen, G. van, Wieren, J. van, Amrit, C., Yazan, D.M. & Zijm, H. (2021). Exploring recommendations for circular supply chain management through interactive visualisation. DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS, 140, 113431. [A]

    Chakravarti, S., Cumming, D., Murtinu, M., Scalera, V.G . & Schwens, C. (2021). Exploring the next generation of international entrepreneurship. JOURNAL OF WORLD BUSINESS, 56, (5). [A]

    Engel, Y., Noordijk, S., Spoelder, A., & Gelderen, M. van. (2021). Self-compassion when coping with venture obstacles: Loving Kindness Meditation and entrepreneurial fear of failure. ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND PRACTICE, Vol. 45(2), 263-290. [A*]

    Es-Sajjade, A., Pandza, K. & Volberda, H. (2021). Growing pains: Paradoxical tensions and vicious cycles in new venture growth. STRATEGIC ORGANIZATION, 19, (1), 37-69. [A]

    Ewijk, B.J. van, Stubbe, A., Gijsbrechts, E. & Dekimpe, M.G. (2021). Online display advertising for CPG brands: (When) does it work? INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING, 38, (2), 271-289. [A*]

    Francke, M. & Korevaar, M. (2021). Housing markets in a pandemic: Evidence from historical outbreaks, JOURNAL OF URBAN ECONOMICS, Vol 123, 103333.

    Francke, M.K. & Minne, A.M. van de (2021). Modeling unobserved heterogeneity in hedonic price models. REAL ESTATE ECONOMICS, 49, (4), 1315-1339. [A]

    Georgallis P., Pimentel, J.A. & Kondratenko, N. (2021).Jurisdiction shopping and foreign location choice: The role of marketworkand nonmarket experience in the European solar energy industry. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, 52, (5), 853-877. [A*]

    Hentschel, T., Braun, S., Peus, C. & Frey, D. (2021). Sounds like a fit! Wording in recruitment advertisements and recruiter gender affect women’s pursuit of career development programs via anticipated belongingness. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, 60, (4), 581-602. [A]

    Hoogh, A.H.B. de, Hartog, D.N. den & Belschak, F.D. (2021). Showing one's true colors: Leader Machiavellianism, rules and instrumental climate, and abusive supervision. JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, 42, (7), 851-866. [A]

    Jarayaman, S. & Milbourn, T., Peters, F. & Seo, H. (2021). Product Market Peers and Relative Performance Evaluation. THE ACCOUNTING REVIEW, 96, (4), 341-366. [A*]

    Karanović, J., Berends, H. & Engel, Y. (2021). Regulated dependence: Platform workers’ responses to new forms of organizing. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, 58, (4), 1070-1106. [A*]

    Kim, S., Wang, Y., and Boon, C. (2021, forthcoming). Sixty years of research on technology and human resource management: Looking back and  looking forward. Accepted for publication in HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, Vol. 60 (1), 229-247. [A]

    Königsgruber, R., Perotti, P., Schinnerl, O., Tsoligkas, F. & Windisch, D. (2021). Product Market Competition and Firms’ Disclosure of Cross-segment Differences in Performance. ABACUS, 57, (4), 709-736. [A]

    Kuiper, A., Mast, J. de & Mandjes, M. (2021). The problem of appointment scheduling in outpatient clinics: A multiple case study of clinical practice. OMEGA, 98, 102122. [A]

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    Mazei, J., Zerres, A. & Hüffmeier, J. (2021). Masculinity at the Negotiation Table: A Theory of Men's Negotiation Behaviors and Outcomes. THE ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT REVIEW, 46, (1), 108-127. [A*]

    Narayan, S., Sidhu, J.S. & Volberda, H.W. (2021). From Attention to Action: The Influence of Cognitive and Ideological Diversity in Top Management Teams on Business Model Innovation. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, 58, (8), 2082-2110. [A*]

    Pajic, S., Buengeler, C.K., Hartog, D.N. den & Boer, D. (2021). The moderating role of employee socioeconomic status in the relationship between leadership and well-being: A meta-analysis and representative survey. JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY, 26, (6), 537. [A*]

    Palanski, M., Newman, A., Leroy, H., Moore, C., Hannah, S. & Hartog, D. den (2021). Quantitative Research on Leadership and Business Ethics: Examining the State of the Field and an Agenda for Future Research. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, 168, 109–119. [A]

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    Rozentale, I. & van Baalen, P. J. (2021). Crafting business models for conflicting goals: Lessons from creative service firms. LONG RANGE PLANNING, 54, (4), 102092. [A]

    Sidhu, J., Feng, Y., Volberda, H.W. & Bosch, F.A.J. van den (2021). In the Shadow of Social Stereotypes: Gender diversity on corporate boards, board chair's gender and strategic change. ORGANIZATION STUDIES, 42, (11), 1677-1698. [A*]

    Sosnowska, J., Hofmans, J., Rauthmann, J. & Wille, B. (2021). Personality is dynamic and it matters: The role of personality dynamics in applied contexts. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY, 35, (4), 418–420. [A*] [6/66]

    Stienen, V.F., Wagenaar, J.C., Hertog, D. den & Fleuren, H.A. (2021). Optimal depot locations for humanitarian logistics service providers using robust optimization. OMEGA, 104, 102494. [A]

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