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Dick Heinhuis

Modeling customer behavior in multichannel service distribution: A rational approach


Most organizations have innovated their distribution strategy and adopted a multichannel strategy. The success of this strategy depends to a large extent on the adoption of new channels by the consumer. This research aims to build a model that explains consumer multichannel behavior. It gives answers to the question which factors influence the use of a new ICT enabled channel. The central question in this thesis is: What factors explain consumer channel choice in an ICT enabled multichannel configuration, therewith finding an explanation for the trial, adoption and choice of a new channel?
This main question leads to three sub questions that will be answered in this thesis: Which theories can be used to find the factors that explain the trial, adoption and choice of an ICT enabled channel by customers in a multichannel configuration? Is it possible to arrive at a model based on these theories that explains the use of ICT enabled channels? Can this model can be confirmed empirically?