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Nudging for a Better World

Focal area

Read more about participating academics and research groups, selected publications in the area of Nudging for a Better World.

  • Faculty members
    Prof. dr. V.S. (Victor) Maas

    Faculty of Economics and Business

    Section Accounting

    Dr. A. (Alfred) Zerres

    Faculty of Economics and Business

    Sectie Leadership & Management

  • Selected publications

    Kranzbühler, A.-M., Zerres, A., Kleijnen, M.H.P., & Verlegh, P.W.J. (in press). Beyond valence: a meta-analysis of discrete emotions in firm-customer encounters. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. DOI:

    Mazei, J., Zerres, A., & Hüffmeier, J. (2021). Masculinity at the Negotiation Table: A Theory of Men's Negotiation Behaviors and Outcomes. The Academy of Management Review46(1), 108-127. DOI:

    Aaldering, H., Zerres, A., & Steinel, W. (2020). Constituency Norms Facilitate Unethical Negotiation Behavior Through Moral Disengagement. Group Decision and Negotiation29(5), 969-991. DOI:

    Kramer, S., & Maas, V. S. (2020). Selective Attention as a Determinant of Escalation Bias in Subjective Performance Evaluation Judgments. Behavioral Research in Accounting, 32(1), 87-100. DOI: DOI:

    Kranzbühler, A-M., Zerres, A., Kleijnen, M. H. P., & Verlegh, P. W. J. (2020). Beyond valence: a meta-analysis of discrete emotions in firm-customer encounters. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science48(3), 478-498. DOI:

    Hüffmeier, J., Zerres, A., Freund, P. A., Backhaus, K., Trötschel, R., & Hertel, G. (2019). Strong or Weak Synergy? Revising the Assumption of Team-Related Advantages in Integrative Negotiations. Journal of Management45(7), 2721–2750. DOI:

    van Rinsum, M., Maas, V. S., & Stolker, D. (2018). Disclosure Checklists and Auditors’ Judgments of Aggressive Accounting. European Accounting Review, 27(2), 383-399. DOI:

    Maas, V. S., & Verdoorn, N. (2017). The effects of performance report layout on managers’ subjective evaluation judgments. Accounting and Business Research, 47(7), 731-751. DOI:

    Bol, J. C., Kramer, S., & Maas, V. S. (2016). How control system design affects performance evaluation compression: The role of information accuracy and bonus transparency. Accounting, Organizations and Society51, 64-73. DOI:

    Kramer, S., Maas, V. S., & van Rinsum, M. (2016). Relative Performance Information, Rank Ordering and Employee Performance: A Research Note. Management Accounting Research33, 16-24. DOI:

    Hüffmeier, J., Freund, P. A., Zerres, A., Backhaus, K., & Hertel, G. (2014). Being tough or being nice? A meta-analysis on the impact of hard- and softline strategies in distributive negotiations. Journal of Management, 40, 866-892. DOI: