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Below, you find all news published by the Amsterdam Business School. Find an overview of external media publications (Dutch only) of our researchers on the page ABS in de media. Also see a list of our events and seminars and learn more about UvA in Carré, our seminar series for Business Administration students.

Results: 41 - 60 of 435
Results: 41 - 60 of 435
  • ABS Professor inducted into Accounting Research Hall of Fame
    18 Sep 2019
    Brendan O’ Dwyer, professor of Accounting in the Accounting Group at the Amsterdam Business School, has been inducted into the Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal (AAAJ)’ Accounting Research Hall of Fame.
  • EP alumni nominated for Actuarial Talent of the year 2019
    11 Sep 2019
    The three nominees for Actuarial Talent of the Year 2019 have been announced by the Actuarial Podium. All three are alumni of the Amsterdam Executive Master in Actuarial Science (AEMAS). The nominees are Stephan van ...
  • NWO grant for research project 'Data-inspired creativity' in collaboration with Talpa media
    5 Sep 2019
    Under the leadership of Joris Ebbers affiliated with the University of Amsterdam section Entrepreneurship and Innovation, nine researchers received an NWO grant of € 630,000 for the research project 'Data-inspired ...
  • AI Summer School for data scientists
    4 Sep 2019
    In collaboration with the Amsterdam Business School, lecturers from the University of Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam gave young talented TomTom employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge of ...
  • Dyme founders
    ‘Our studies were the perfect moment for us to set up a business’
    1 Aug 2019
    Their initial idea for a start-up was defined during brainstorm sessions at the University Library (UB). A few years later, these alumni successfully established their current business Dyme, via the UvA’s Startup ...
  • Best Book Award
    ABS researcher and professor won Best Book Award 2019
    30 Jul 2019
    Henk Volberda, Professor of Strategic Management and researcher Kevin Heij (section Inter. Strategy and Marketing) received the Best Book Award 2019 from the European Academy of Management for their book ‘Reinventing ...
  • Robot thinking with mathematic formulas in the background
    Machine learning may help managers to make better decisions
    9 Jul 2019
    For his PhD research, Qingchen Wang investigated how machine learning can be used in operation management and digital marketing. Businesses are doing a great job to gather data, but not to use it. Wang takes the next ...
  • VDL Groep wins Dutch Innovation Award 2019
    VDL Groep wins Dutch Innovation Award
    27 Jun 2019
    The VDL Groep received the Dutch Innovation Award 2019 during the television broadcast of De Wereld van Morgen on Wednesday 26 June. The VDL Groep consists of 104 high-end manufacturing companies.
  • Leaf Chlorofyl light bulb
    Dutch Innovation Monitor 2019
    26 Jun 2019
    Many Dutch businesses see potentially disruptive issues such as Brexit and the energy transition as business opportunities, and they view investments in social development as more important than investments in ...
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    Meet the nominees for the Dutch Innovation Awards
    19 Jun 2019
    D2D Water Solutions, Hanskamp AgroTech and VDL Groep are the nominees for the Dutch Innovation Award 2019. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 26 June during the television broadcast of De Wereld van Morgen (NPO1).
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    YAE survey: stress and long hours common among young researchers
    18 Jun 2019
    In an opinion piece for, Dr Shaul Shalvi (ASE, microeconomics), Toma Susi (University of Vienna) and Mangala Srinivas (Radboud University Nijmegen) share the results of a survey held among the researchers ...
  • All ABS MBA's maintain AMBA accreditation
    12 Jun 2019
    An international AMBA (Association of MBAs) committee visited the Amsterdam Business School on 6 and 7 June to determine whether The Amsterdam MBA, the MBA in Big Data & Business Analytics, and the MBA in Healthcare ...
  • Boys silhouette
    The dark side of personality
    12 Jun 2019
    Social life entails countless situations in which people have to trust each other. From mundane family matters to profane issues such as trade negotiations among world leaders in a conflicted globalized world – all ...
  • EB Lecturer of the Year 2019: Lisanne van Bunderen
    27 May 2019
    After winning the Van der Schroeff Award in January, Lisanne van Bunderen has now been chosen by UvA Economics and Business students as faculty’s winner in the 2019 UvA Lecturer of the Year competition. The Faculty ...
  • symposium
    IBIS UvA celebrates 25th anniversary
    9 May 2019
    The Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics of the University of Amsterdam (IBIS UvA) celebrated its 25th anniversary with a symposium on 1 May. Originally the institute was established to facilitate a ...
  • Innovation
    Survey: The Dutch Innovation Monitor
    23 Apr 2019
    How innovative are Dutch companies? How do they deal with current challenges such as the Brexit and the energy transition? To answer these questions the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation is conducting its ...
  • ABS research: Does it pay for cities to be green?
    5 Apr 2019
    Air pollution is considered to be the greatest human health risk and over 60% of the world population has to deal with water scarcity. City governments are expected to take the lead in tackling these major issues. ...
  • Reducing process variation is crucial
    14 Mar 2019
    Improving efficiency and reducing errors in processes is the common thread in the long career of UvA professor Ronald Does. He recently received two prestigious awards for his work. According to Does, the number of ...
  • Kantoorgebouw Eureka
    Organisational psychologist Berkers: ‘Nobody examines what employees actually do’
    14 Mar 2019
    Fixed work activities are a thing of the past. Hannah Berkers, who recently obtained her PhD as an organisational psychologist, discusses employees’ tasks, how these change and how this impacts employees, their ...
  • Housing Amsterdam
    Marketability of real estate as a price change predictor
    13 Mar 2019
    Rising prices on the property market are usually preceded by better marketability, or more ‘liquidity’. Even the number of clicks on property site Funda can be a precursor of rising prices. Researcher Dorinth van ...