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Below, you find all news published by the Amsterdam Business School. Find an overview of external media publications (Dutch only) of our researchers on the page ABS in de media. Also see a list of our events and seminars and learn more about UvA in Carré, our seminar series for Business Administration students.

Results: 21 - 40 of 441
Results: 21 - 40 of 441
  • Corona virus poses financial risk for shadow banking
    1 Apr 2020
    Professor Enrico Perotti (ABS Finance section) recently contributed a column to VOX outlining the risks to the shadow banking sector.
  • Students of Amsterdam Business School Take Center Stage In National Case Competition
    1 Apr 2020
    ABS Case Society Showcases Award-Winning Marketing Strategy for Start-up Business Concept
  • First online UvA PhD defence successfully completed
    27 Mar 2020
    The UvA’s first ever online PhD defence ceremony took place on Thursday, 26 March, and went well. Zina Lekniūtė successfully defended her thesis on the consequences of underfunding of American pension funds.
  • Antoon Pelsser, professor by special appointment of Enterprise Risk Management
    27 Mar 2020
    Prof. A.A.J. Pelsser (1968) has been appointed professor by special appointment of at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The chair was established on behalf of ‘Stichting ...
  • What makes text-based counseling effective?
    18 Mar 2020
    ABS Professor of Marketing Willemijn van Dolen recently co-authored an article that has been published in the peer reviewed journal 'Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking'.
  • ABS professor appointed member of KHMW
    12 Feb 2020
    Professor of Marketing Willemijn van Dolen (ABS) was appointed member of the Holland Society for the Sciences (KHMW) on 8 February. The KHMW appoints scholars and researchers with an impressive track record in ...
  • ABS researcher co-authors UN white paper
    22 Jan 2020
    The paper, 'Bridging the Data Gap: Exploring Pillar III and Victims’ Access to Remedy', co-authored by Michelle Westermann-Behaylo (ABS International Strategy & Marketing), describes how data sets can be used to ...
  • WRR presents report to Minister Koolmees
    22 Jan 2020
    On Wednesday 15 January, the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) presented the report 'Het betere werk. De nieuwe maatschappelijke opdracht' (WRR Report 102) to the Minister of Social Affairs and ...
  • Research on multinational enterprises sheds light on gender wage gap
    8 Jan 2020
    Amsterdam Business School scholars have studied who benefits financially from working for a multinational enterprise (MNE), and in which situations we see a wage premium.
  • ABS professor appointed honorary chair at top German university
    8 Jan 2020
    Enrico Perotti (UvA Economics and Business professor of International Finance) was recently appointed as Reinhard Selten Chair in Economic Theory at the University of Bonn, a highly ranked economics school in Germany.
  • Large wind turbines lower property value
    18 Dec 2019
    The price of houses located within 2 kilometres of a large wind turbine (higher than 150 metres) do not increase at the same rate as average house prices. These findings come from a study conducted by researcher ...
  • ABS researcher presents article to Museum association
    18 Dec 2019
    Dr Alexander Alexiev (ABS Entrepreneurship and Innovation section) presented the article ‘From sponsor to partner: The evolving relationship between museums and businesses’ to the Consultative Association of ...
  • Successful UvA alumni event for actuaries
    13 Dec 2019
    The UvA Alumni network for actuaries hosted a discussion event on the ‘Nieuwe Pensioenakkoord’ (new pension agreement) on 28 November at the Amsterdam Business School (ABS). This alumni event was for graduates of the ...
  • NWO KIEM grant for research into intellectual curiosity
    4 Dec 2019
    Angelo Tomaselli (ABS Entrepreneurship & Innovation section) has been awarded a NWO KIEM grant for his research project ‘Discovering the determinants of intellectual curiosity in the “over-the-top” industry’.
  • Amsterdam Business School develops new EcoSystem Practitioner Programme
    28 Nov 2019
    Collaboration with the EcoSystem Thinking Institute (ESTI) should lead to a new experience-based training programme, intended for entrepreneurs from both the private and public domain.
  • VOGON Real Estate Research Award winners announced
    21 Nov 2019
    The 2019 VOGON Real Estate Research Award has been awarded to former MBA student Jeroen Beimer (MBA Big Data & Business Analytics 2018) and professor Marc Francke (UvA Professor of Real Estate Valuation). Their ...
  • Machine learning
    ‘Solving problems in big cities using machine learning’
    18 Nov 2019
    Maarten Sukel wants to improve the liveability of cities. To achieve this, he is working on machine learning models with various time frames. ‘For the city, I’m trying to solve day-to-day problems happening right ...
  • Managers
    Managers do not conform to the standard model of profit maximisation
    18 Nov 2019
    People rely on emotions and moral standards, such as the consideration of fairness, in their financial decisions. This makes them less rational than classical economic models tend to assume. One of Professor Sander ...
  • Economics and Business
    Siri Boe-Lillegraven appointed faculty Diversity Officer
    13 Nov 2019
    The UvA Economics and Business faculty board has announced that Siri Boe-Lillegraven has been appointed as Faculty Diversity Officer (FDO). She is the successor to the previous FDO, Amsterdam School of Economics ...
  • ABS alumnus chosen as Actuarial Talent of the Year 2019
    30 Oct 2019
    Amsterdam Executive Programme in Actuarial Science (AEMAS) alumnus Linda Vos, has been chosen as Actuarial Talent of the Year for 2019. She was announced as the winner of this title by the Actuarial Podium on Actuary ...