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You can find all of the news published by the Amsterdam Business School in the list below. Find an overview of external media publications (Dutch only) of our researchers on the page ABS in de media. Also see a list of our events and seminars and learn more about UvA in Carré, our seminar series for Business Administration students.

Results: 21 - 40 of 432
Results: 21 - 40 of 432
  • Alfred Zerres new programme director of EP short programmes
    2 Jun 2021
    Alfred Zerres was recently appointed as the new programme director of the EP short programmes offered at Amsterdam Business School. What are his plans for these programmes and for establishing contacts in the ...
  • Enrico Perotti receives NWO grant
    18 May 2021
    Professor of International Finance Enrico Perotti (Amsterdam Business School Finance Section) was recently awarded a major NWO Open Competition grant (€ 750,000 over five years) for a big-picture study of structural ...
  • DSC grants funding to ABS for Data-Driven Research
    18 May 2021
    The UvA’s DSC (Data Science Centre) has awarded funding through its Accelerate Programme for a new data scientist to join the Operations Management group of the Amsterdam Business School (ABS). The data scientist ...
  • Why do we make the decisions we make?
    11 May 2021
    In the fields of economics and business, decision-making is key. How do consumers choose which item to purchase or which business to patronise? How do those working in the financial markets decide whether they think ...
  • Henk Volberda gives presentation to MPs and MEPs
    30 Apr 2021
    On 22 April, Henk Volberda gave a presentation on the digital economy and its underlying digital infrastructure to Dutch Members of Parliament and members of the European Parliament. Following his presentation, he ...
  • Deanne den Hartog selected as member of KNAW
    28 Apr 2021
    Amsterdam Business School professor Deanne den Hartog was among the 23 new members selected by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Academy members are prominent scholars from all disciplines ...
  • Royal honour for ABS professor Anwar Osseyran
    28 Apr 2021
    Professor Anwar Osseyran has been named Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. Osseyran was conferred this royal honour for his efforts in the field of ICT for education and research and his contrbutions in his role ...
  • Deep learning networks study images of Amsterdam’s streets to improve quality of life
    21 Apr 2021
    A partnership of 9 cities and three universities resulted in an initiative that uses geographic information about existing city objects to develop a data set with panoramic images of Amsterdam. This may sound ...
  • WFP team with Dick den Hertog wins Franz Edelman award
    14 Apr 2021
    The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) was named the winner of the 2021 Franz Edelman Award on 13 April. This prestigious award recognises analytics and operations research work that has a meaningful global ...
  • Netherlands climbs 7 places in Global Gender Gap Index
    7 Apr 2021
    The Netherlands climbed 7 places in the Global Gender Gap Index, but the global trend show that inequalities between men and women are growing. These were some of the findings in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) ‘The ...
  • Go Smart Award 2021 for City of Amsterdam and ABS researchers
    30 Mar 2021
    The City of Amsterdam has won the 2021 GO SMART Award 2021 for the Object Detection Kit project. Maarten Sukel received the award on behalf of the city's Chief Technology Office and the project team during the GO ...
  • Neural networks study images of Amsterdam’s streets
    29 Mar 2021
    A partnership of 9 cities and 3 universities has resulted in an initiative that uses information about existing objects to optimise a data set with panoramic images of Amsterdam. This may sound somewhat abstract but ...
  • MIF pioneers virtual study trip to South Africa
    24 Mar 2021
    How do we create a meaningful virtual learning experience about finance in emerging markets? The Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF) sales and recruitment team realised that its annual study trip to Cape ...
  • MIF Roundtable Talk on Real Estate Direct Investing
    16 Mar 2021
    On Thursday evening 18 February, the new Alumni Board or the Executive Masters in International Finance (MIF) kicked off the first ever Roundtable Talk. The event focused on Real Estate Direct Investing.
  • AI in law: language model can speed up the work of lawyers
    15 Mar 2021
    The use of AI models can help legal practitioners understand complex legal texts. Julien Rossi, Amsterdam Business School researcher, is trying to find out how such a solution might work. He does this by means of ...
  • What kind of work do the Sales & Recruitment Managers do at UvA EB?
    10 Mar 2021
    There are quite a few sections and departments at Economics and Business. While we usually know what our direct colleagues do, what kind of work are the other teams doing? This week we asked Sales & Recruitment ...
  • How do you organise safe elections during a pandemic?
    3 Mar 2021
    In less than two weeks we will once again be casting our votes during the parliamentary elections. These are the first elections to ever take place during a pandemic. We asked ABS doctoral candidate Maarten Sukel, ...
  • ‘The combination of operations research and data science is like a happy marriage’
    3 Mar 2021
    Dr Ilker Birbil is taking up a position as Professor of Artificial Intelligence & Optimisation Techniques for Business and Society at UvA’s Amsterdam Business School starting 1 May. This position will combine his ...
  • Fostering migrant entrepreneurship in Europe
    3 Mar 2021
    Amsterdam Business School researcher Vittoria Scalera will lead the first phase of the 3-year MIG.EN.CUBE project that aims to develop tools and best practices to foster the growth of migrant entrepreneurs in the EU.
  • Housing market contagion: do higher prices there mean higher prices here?
    2 Mar 2021
    Do changing prices in the US housing market mean similar shifts will be seen in house prices in the Netherlands? Will rising house prices in Amsterdam mean the same will be seen across the country? These are the ...