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The Executive Board has appointed Jan Willem Bolderdijk Professor of Sustainability & Marketing at the Amsterdam Business School. He started on 1 January 2023 and will be working at the Marketing section.

Bolderdijk’s research focuses on the question of why green intentions are not converted into green consumer choices. His earlier research showed that a feeling of social awkwardness could play an important role – many people are willing to choose sustainability, but they don’t want to be labelled as holier-than-though. In his more recent research he explores social tipping points: how can marketers, consumers and businesses make green options the automatic choice and reach social tipping points?


Bolderdijk will be teaching a number of Executive Education courses. ‘I’m a passionate researcher and I enjoy sharing my knowledge about sustainability and consumer behaviour with students. This is something I’ll be teaching in the Marketing & Sustainability master class and in the Conscious Marketing MBA course. In addition to his research, he will also be the head of the Center for Responsible Consumption. This is a new platform where scientists, businesses, consumers and policy-makers will work together to find ways of achieving more responsible consumption patterns.

About Jan Willem Bolderdijk

Bolderdijk graduated with a degree in Social Psychology from Groningen University, and went on to complete his post-doc at the same institution. In 2013 he joined Groningen University’s Marketing department where he worked as an Associate Professor starting in 2018. The professor has received various awards, such as the IAAP Best Paper Award, and grants such as the Dutch Research Council’s Veni Research Grant.