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For the fourth year, we are organizing the master’s thesis prize in the area of sustainability, the George Molenkamp Award, in collaboration with KPMG. This prize is typically awarded at the UvA in Carré event in September so we still have to determine what the award ceremony will look like.

Please send submissions of high quality master’s theses to Arno Kourula by 31 July. The submitted theses must meet the following requirements: 

  1. The topic area of the thesis must be sustainability or corporate responsibility broadly understood;
  2. the thesis must be completed for the Master of Science of Business Administration full time program of Amsterdam Business School;
  3. the thesis must be evaluated between 16th July 2019 and 15th July 2020;
  4. the thesis was not nominated for the prize for the previous year; and
  5. the thesis must have received a grade of 8 or higher.

If close to the deadline a potential candidate thesis has already been completed, is likely to meet the grade criteria, but the evaluation is delayed for some reason, please contact Arno if it can be included in the submissions. If you were the second reader of the submission, please add the supervisor of the thesis as a recipient of the message.

When sending submissions, please clearly indicate:

  1. The title of the thesis,
  2. the name of the student,
  3. the student’s master’s program,
  4. the name of the supervisor,
  5. the date of the evaluation of the thesis
  6. the contact information (email) of the student, and
  7. add a PDF of the thesis.

The winner will be decided after review by a panel of UvA faculty and students, KPMG representatives, and external stakeholders. The winner will receive a cash prize, tremendous fame, and of course the prestigious award! Please do not hesitate to contact Arno if you have any questions related to the award.