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On Wednesday 15 January, the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) presented the report 'Het betere werk. De nieuwe maatschappelijke opdracht' (WRR Report 102) to the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, Wouter Koolmees.

UvA professor Arnoud Boot (Corporate Finance and Financial Markets) co-supervised this project as a council member. The report makes recommendations for employment and prosperity in the future.

Emphasis on quality

The report stresses the importance of the quality of work for people in general and for well-being and prosperity in society. The authors conclude that new technology, increasing flexibilisation and intensification of labour in society can have a large impact on this quality of work. The WRR advises companies, institutions, social partners and the government to invest in proper work and its quality for all those able to work. Good work is crucial for economic prosperity in our country, as well as for the stability of social cohesion.

Full WRR report (in Dutch)

WRR report summary (in Dutch)