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The price of houses located within 2 kilometres of a large wind turbine (higher than 150 metres) do not increase at the same rate as average house prices. These findings come from a study conducted by researcher Martijn Droës of the University of Amsterdam and Hans Koster of the VU University Amsterdam.

Image: Avius Quovis, Flickr

The research was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the report was presented to the Lower House on 17 December.

From 2011 on, the price development of these homes is 5 percent lower on average compared to houses where there are no wind turbines in the vicinity. The results were published in the report Windturbines, zonneparken en woningprijzen (Wind turbines, solar parks and house prices).

The researchers found similar results in earlier studies, but they also saw a significant increase in the price discrepancy over the past 8 years. A possible explanation is that larger wind turbines are now being constructed.

Solar parks and house prices

In addition to wind turbines, the researchers also looked at the effects of solar parks on house prices. These also appear to be negative. The price of a house located within 1 kilometre of a solar park was 3 percent lower than average. Koster is cautious regarding this conclusion, citing the fact that there are not many solar parks, and to date, there are not many houses located near solar parks that have been sold.