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Collaboration with the EcoSystem Thinking Institute (ESTI) should lead to a new experience-based training programme, intended for entrepreneurs from both the private and public domain.

Nowadays successful innovation requires an ecosystem approach, in which the relationship between companies and their environment plays a crucial role. For this, access to knowledge and technology is more important than the ownership of knowledge. For many companies, from large industrial parties to small businesses, this means a huge turnaround.

Many organisations are aware that they need to arrange their innovation processes differently in the future, but often do not know how to do this. The Ecosystem Practitioner Programme provides concrete answers to this issue. Aim is to have the first students start in September 2020.

Research at the centre of society

Collaboration with the ESTI is important for the Amsterdam Business School (ABS). With its research, the ABS wants to be at the centre of society to make a real contribution to relevant social developments, like stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship.

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