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The Netherlands has risen to 4th place in the Global Competitive Index, making it the most competitive economy in Europe according to the ‘The Global Competitiveness Report 2019’.
Map of Europe containing pushpins

This report is issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is an annual indicator of international competitiveness assessing 141 countries. 
The Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation of the University of Amsterdam, led by its director Henk Volberda, is a partner institute of the World Economic Forum and collected the data for the Netherlands.

Key findings

Some of the key findings of the report were that while the Dutch economy has become more agile, it is lagging behind when it comes to investing in R&D and ICT.

Professor Henk Volberda: ‘The Netherlands has a very open and dynamic economy (2nd place) that maximises its economic growth. Our country has high-quality, world class physical and digital infrastructure (4th place in the ranking), a stable macroeconomic policy (1st place), an efficient government with effective institutions (4th place) and a highly educated workforce (4th place)'.

A more detailed analysis of the report is available in Dutch.