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How innovative are Dutch companies? How do they deal with current challenges such as the Brexit and the energy transition? To answer these questions the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation is conducting its Dutch Innovation Monitor.


This large-scale yearly survey offers a unique insight into the innovative capability of Dutch companies.

Participate in the survey

Do you work for a company that is at the forefront of innovation? Or do you know someone who works at an innovative company? Please fill in the questionnaire (in Dutch).

The Dutch Innovation Monitor is led by Prof. Henk Volberda. He is the scientific director of the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation and a professor of Strategic Management and Innovation at the Amsterdam Business School (University of Amsterdam).

Dutch Innovation Award 2019

All participants in the monitor have a chance of winning the 2019 Dutch Innovation Award. This award for the most innovative Dutch company is awarded during the AVROTROS television programme De Wereld van Morgen, which is broadcasted on 26 June 2019 on NPO1. In addition, each participant receives a personalised management summary that provides insights into the innovative capabilities of their own organisation compared to other businesses in their sector.