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This Honours Programme is designed for highly ambitious students with excellent analytical and leadership abilities, who want to attain a deeper understanding of the unique role of finance in fostering sustainability.

Sustainability in Finance

Investors, finance professionals, and Dutch society are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change and the transition to technologies that produce lower greenhouse gas emissions. The success of this 'green transition' depends critically on the finance industry, which plays a central role in allocating resources from investors to companies. Through this role, the finance industry affects the cost of investment into renewable energy, the availability of funding for green innovation, or the supply of critical materials for batteries.

Sustainability extends beyond climate change, and also integrates topics such as employee compensation and rights, the distribution of wealth across society, and the stability of the financial system. The finance industry influences each of these topics as well. For example, it determines how a firm’s value is split between workers and investors, or how information about firms’ performance spreads across the economy.

About the programme

The programme requires completion of several extra courses, which challenge students with an intense examination of specialised topics in sustainable finance.

  • All students must enrol in 2 extra required courses: Sustainable Finance in Period 5, and Honours Course in Impact Investing in Period 6.
  • Students must further complete 1 extra elective course in either Corporate Governance, Advanced Investments, or Financial Regulation.

The total study load is 73 ECs. All regular coursework and the 2 extra required courses must be finished during the 1st study year. However, the programme offers sufficient time for students to complete the requirements while focusing on their academic performance. Students have until February of the 2nd study year to complete the extra elective and their master’s thesis. 

How to apply

What you need to do:

  1. Apply to the MSc Finance.
  2. Wait for your admissions results. If you are admitted to the programme, you will receive a conditional email.
  3. Start your MSc Finance programme. During the 1st block, you will receive more information on how to apply for the Honours programme. When you apply, you will have to provide us with your academic record, a letter of motivation and a letter of (academic) recommendation.

Selection will take place in October, based on the documents you provide and group diversity. You will start the Honours programme in November of the same academic year.