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Join us for an enlightening alumni event centered on the intriguing world of ESG accounting and its profound impact on modern business, driven by the power of Artificial Intelligence. This event is exclusively for MBA and MIF alumni. If you have not received an invitation, please send us an email if you would like to attend.

Event details of Alumni Networking Reception | AI, Sustainability and Accounting
1 December 2023
16:30 -20:15
De Brug

Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the world of ESG accounting, discover its profound implications, and explore the transformative role of AI in shaping the future of responsible business practices. Plus, it's an excellent chance to reconnect with old friends and expand your professional network. Register now for an event that combines knowledge and camaraderie!

AI and ESG accounting

ESG accounting is the systematic measurement and reporting of an organisation's performance in key areas: Environmental (E), Social (S), and Governance (G). It serves as a vital framework for companies to assess their environmental sustainability efforts, social responsibility, and ethical governance practices. In today's world, ESG accounting is not just about compliance but a strategic imperative for businesses. Now, where does AI come into play? AI is revolutionising ESG accounting by supercharging data analysis, predictive modelling, and automation. It enables companies to efficiently gather and analyse vast amounts of ESG-related data, predict future trends, automate reporting processes, and identify risks and opportunities proactively.


  • 16.30: Check-in and welcome by Marc Salomon (Dean of the Amsterdam Business School)
  • 17.00 -18.00: Talks with speakers David Parham (Lead Product Manager at and Ulrike Thuerheimer, Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam
  • 18.00 -18.15: Q&A hosted by Marc Salomon
  • 18.15 -20.15: Networking Drinks