Master of Science in Management for Professionals

Earn your Master of Science in only 18 months. With a specialisation (track) of choice and two electives the Executive Programme in Management Studies offers plenty of room for individual needs and interests.

Our lecturers

For this programme we work together with ambitious and motivated lecturers from the business and academic world. This is how we secure real-life practice with academic theories and skills.

Choose your track

This Master’s programme gives you the opportunity to focus on the subject that you most want to explore, by choosing one of the following tracks:​

For each track, you are always initially provided with a general introduction to the theory. Subsequently, you will engage in a more in-depth exploration of primary subjects.

Choose your electives

In addition to the track, you may choose a number of electives from other disciplines. With your selection you have the choice to broaden your education or to strengthen your track.

There are two kinds of electives.

Electives with 6 lectures in 1 period:

  • Change Management
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Operational Excellence
  • Organising for Agility

Electives with 9 lectures in 2 periods:

  • Business Negotiations
  • Management Consulting
  • New Business Models
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategy Execution

The offer of elective courses is subject to change.

Compulsory courses and thesis

In the last semester you will be working on your thesis and attend six lectures of the course Thesis Research Methods.

Compulsory courses are:

  • Seminar (guest lectures in Amsterdam Royal Theatre Carré)
  • Ethics
  • Thesis Proposal
  • Thesis Research Methods

Guest lectures in Royal Theatre Carré

Each year in September the Seminar will consist of a number of guest lectures in Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam. At this inspiring location, in recent years we have welcomed experts from Vodafone, Philips, IBM, Unilever, McKinsey and Company and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

UvA in Carré entire venue

Lectures only on Fridays

Keeping in mind that our students have a busy working week and a private life as well, we have arranged for all lectures to be held on Fridays between 9 am and 5 pm.

Academic year structure

Each academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semester is divided into three periods. One semester starts in September and continues until February. The other semester starts February and ends in June. Exams are scheduled at the end of each block.

Study load

  • Self study    : 12 - 15 hours
  • Lectures      :  4 -  hours

Interactive teaching

Lectures are commonly provided to small groups of students. Giving you the opportunity to ask individual questions and discuss answers with lecturers and fellow students. You will also attend lectures given to larger groups.

Effective supervision

Individual supervision is an important part of the programme. The programme’s academic adviser is your first point of contact for any matters related to you and your study.

Moreover, the programme administration takes care of most administrative and organisational matters. Giving you more time to concentrate on your studies.

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Executive Programme in Management Studies

16 January 2019