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Meet the people

What do students think of our BSc Business Administration? Why did they choose this programme and what do they think of Amsterdam?

bachelor EB

'Companies encourage students with internships and career days'

Catalina Grujdin (Romania) feels that Amsterdam has great career opportunities. 'Many multinational companies have their headquarters here and encourage students with the many internships and career days available throughout the year. The possibilities are endless.'

Franz-Josef Schrepf

'I'm planning to get involved in the Amsterdam start-up company scene'

Franz-Josef Schrepf (Germany) feels that the start-ups are a fast growing sector uniting people from all over the world to work on their own companies and projects. 'I am looking forward to becoming one of those entrepreneurs, building my own business and living my own dream.’

Ekatarina Derkach

'There are plenty of opportunities for personal development' 

Ekaterina Derkach (Russia) feels that Amsterdam has been a delightful experience so far. 'There are lots of opportunities for personal development, such as choice of specialisation, minors, Honours courses, a semester abroad. All will give you an idea of your desired career path.'

student testimonial bachelor

'You have to be independent and self-reliant'

Halil Kaynak (Netherlands) sees that university life has a lot to offer. 'There are study associations you can join, you can run for the student council or for example write for the university newspaper. The possibilities are endless, but you have to be independent and self-reliant.' 

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