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Career prospects

The Bachelor's programme in Business Administration is a great step towards your first job or a Master's programme.

Where do our graduates work?

The possibilities are endless. Some of the many examples of potential employers include:

  • multinationals, banks, pension funds and insurance
    companies (e.g. as financial analyst)
  • companies of all sizes in all industries (e.g. as marketing
  • government ministries (e.g. as advisor)
  • academic institutions (e.g. as lecturer)
  • consultancy firms (e.g. as accountant or management
  • start-ups (entrepreneur: setting up your own business)

Most students go on to pursue a specialised Master's degree. You will be even more attractive to employers with an MSc title. 

Career preparation during your Bachelor's

The Economics and Business Career Center (EBCC) helps you develop individual skills, gain experience and build connections. The team of career assistants, career coaches and internship advisors help you focus on your individual career journey. 

Career events
Often together with study associations, the Career Center also organises large career events. Meet employers and learn about the latest developments in job searching and employment.

Think of the Career month junior, thee Amsterdamse career days, de FSA profession days, the International Finance Days, the Amsterdam Marketing event en the Amsterdam Recruitment event.