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Lecturer Arno Kourula has been voted Lecturer of the Year 2018 by MBA students. Students were able to vote for their favourite MBA lecturer one month before graduating.

Students who voted for Kourula says that his lessons are always very well planned and have good structure. The students are also positive about the debates that he regularly organises and his constructive feedback. “Super engaged, great lectures, fun debates, fantastic topics!”, wrote one of the students. Another student wrote that Kourula is a passionate lecturer who is able to involve all students in the class and draw interest to a subject that easily can be ‘boring and uninteresting’.

It is not the first time that Kourula has won an award like this. He also won the MBA lecturer of the year in 2017 and received the Van der Schroeff Award when he was selected as the best lecturer at UvA Economics and Business in 2016.