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Resilient Societies and Financial Stability

Focal area

Read more about participating academics and research groups, selected publications and partners in the area of Resilient Societies and Financial Stability.

  • Selected publications

    Daniel, K., Mota, L. Rottke, S. & Santos, T. (2020). The Cross-Section of Risk and Returns, The Review of Financial Studies, 33 (5), 1927–1979. DOI:

    Gassen, J., Skaife, H.A. and Veenman, D. (2020), Illiquidity and the Measurement of Stock Price Synchronicity. Contemp Account Res, 37: 419-456. DOI:

    Ladika, T. Sautner, Z. (2020). Managerial Short-Termism and Investment: Evidence from Accelerated Option Vesting, Review of Finance, 24 (2), March 2020, 305–344. DOI:

    Leib, M., Köbis, N.C., Francke, M. Shalvi, S. & Roskes, M. (2021) Precision in a Seller’s Market: Round Asking Prices Lead to Higher Counteroffers and Selling Prices. Management Science 67(2):1048-1055. DOI: mnsc.2019.3570

  • Priority area in corporate governance

    Since the last two decades, the research area of Corporate governance is a priority at Amsterdam Business School and subject to a multifaced approach. Although the financial health of companies and the resilience of society at large to financial instability have been at the focus of broad attention since then, our research is not limited to this perspective only. Read more about this research priority area.