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Research Policy

The Amsterdam Business School aims to create a stimulating environment for researchers and has set up a system to award research time to good researchers on the basis of their publications. Information on the system and the journal list can be found below. The list provides information about journals that Business School staff are likely to publish in and ranks them according to their scholarly prestige.

ABS research publication criteria for tenured staff 2019 ABS Journal List 2019

In terms of reporting standards Amsterdam Business School refers to the standards used  in various (sub)disciplines. Below we present some examples of reporting guidelines. In case a researcher is not sure about what applies, (s)he can discuss this with the research institute. Furthermore, in line with UvA policies, Amsterdam Business School has compiled a document with some standards, guidelines and tools meant to support ethical management of data associated with research projects. In the protocol (document below) relevant links to other websites are given.

Reporting Guidelines and Examples

ABS Data Protocol