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Research & Publications

Selected publications in highly ranked academic refereed journals

Publications 2020, in press and forthcoming

International refereed publications

Alexiev, A., Volberda, H., Jansen, J. & Van Den Bosch, F. (2020). Contextualizing Senior Executive Advice Seeking: The Role of Decision Process Comprehensiveness and Empowerment Climate. Forthcoming in ORGANIZATION STUDIES.

Clune, C. & O’Dwyer. B. (2020). Organizing dissonance through institutional work: the embedding of social and environmental accountability in an investment field. Forthcoming in ACCOUNTING, ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY.

Daniel, K., Mota, L., Rottke, S. & Santos, T. (2020). The Cross-Section of Risk and Return. Forthcoming in REVIEW OF FINANCIAL STUDIES.

Engel, Y., Ramesh, A. & Steiner, N. (2020). Powered by compassion: The effect of loving kindness meditation on entrepreneurs’ sustainable decision-making. Forthcoming in JOURNAL OF BUSINESS VENTURING.

Fortanier, F., Miao, G., Kolk, A. & Pisani, N. (2020). Accounting for firm heterogeneity in global value chains. Forthcoming in JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES.

Gassen, J., Skaife, H.A. & Veenman, D. (2020). Illiquidity and the Measurement of Stock Price Synchronicity. Forthcoming in CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNTING RESEARCH.

Guyt, J. Y., & Gijsbrechts, E. (2020). Evaluating the Effectiveness of Retailer-Themed Super Saver Events. Forthcoming in JOURNAL OF MARKETING.

Hartog, D. N., den, de Hoogh, A. H. B., & Belschak, F. D. (2020). Toot Your Own Horn? Leader Narcissism and the Effectiveness of Employee Self-Promotion. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT46(2), 261-286.

Kackovic, M., Bun, M.J., Weinberg, C.B., Ebbers, J.J. & Wijnberg, N.M. (2020). Third-party signals and sales to expert-agent buyers: Quality indicators in the contemporary visual arts market. Forthcoming in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH MARKETING.

Kemp, M. de, Mandjes, M. & Olver, N. (2020). Performance of the smallest-variance-first rule in appointment sequencing. Forthcoming in OPERATIONS RESEARCH.

Kranzbühler, A.-M., Zerres, A., Kleijnen, M.H.P., & Verlegh, P.W.J. (in press). Beyond valence: a meta-analysis of discrete emotions in firm-customer encounters. JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE.

Henri, J.F. & Wouters, M. (In press) In press. Interdependence of management control practices for product innovation: The influence of environmental unpredictability. Forthcoming in ACCOUNTING, ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY.

Ladika, T. & Sautner, Z. (2020). Managerial Short-Termism and Investment: Evidence from Accelerated Option Vesting. Forthcoming in REVIEW OF FINANCE.

Leib, M., Köbis N., Francke, M.K., Shalvi S. and Roskes, M. (2020), Precision in a Seller’s Market: Round Asking Prices Lead to Higher Counteroffers and Selling Prices. Forthcoming in MANAGEMENT SCIENCE.

Mazei, J., Zerres, A., & Hüffmeier, J. (in press). Masculinity at the negotiation table: A theory of men's negotiation behaviors and outcomes. ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT REVIEW, doi: 10.5465/amr.2017.0570.

Mickovic, A. & Wouters, M. (2020). Energy costs information in manufacturing companies: A systematic literature review. Forthcoming in JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION.

Ruzeviciute, R., Kamleitner, B., & Biswas, D. (2020).  Designed to s(m)ell: When scented advertising induces proximity and enhances appeal. Forthcoming in JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH.

Sosnowska, J. (2020). The knowledge gap as a source of systemic inequalities and discrimination against women [Review of the book: Invisible Women: Exposing data bias in a world designed for men, by C.C. Perez]. Forthcoming in ORGANIZATION STUDIES.

Stofberg, N., Bridoux, F., Ciulli, F., Pisani, N., Kolk, A. & Vock, M. (2020). A relational-models view to explain peer-to-peer sharing. Forthcoming in JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES.

Vishwanathan, P., van Oosterhout, H. J., Heugens, P. P., Duran, P. & Van Essen, M. (2020). Strategic CSR: a concept building meta‐analysis. Forthcoming in JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES.

Watts, L.L., Steele, L.M. & Hartog, D.N., den (2020).  Uncertainty avoidance moderates the relationship between transformational leadership and innovation: a meta-analysis. Forthcoming in JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, 51 (1), 138–145.

Publications 2019

International refereed publications

Aguilera, R.V., Marano, V. & Haxhi, I. (2019). International Corporate Governance: A Review and Opportunities for Future Research. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, 50, (4), 457–498. [A*]

Arping, S. (2019). Capital Regulation and Bank Deposits. REVIEW OF FINANCE, 23, (4), 831–853. [A*]

Bianchi, M., Murtinu M. & Scalera, V.G. (2020). R&D subsidies as dual signals in technological collaborations. RESEARCH POLICY, 48, (9), 103821. [A*]

Boomsma, R. & O’Dwyer, B. (2019). Constituting the governable NGO: The correlation between conduct and counter-conduct in the evolution of funder-NGO accountability relations. ACCOUNTING, ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY, 72, (1), 1-20. [A*]

Boon, C., Hartog, D.N., den & Lepak, D.P. (2019). A systematic review of human resource management systems and their measurement. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, 45, (6), 2498-2537. [A*]

Boot, A.W.A. & Vladimirov, V. (2019). (Non-)Precautionary Cash Hoarding and the Evolution of Growth Firms. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 65, (11), 5290-5307. [A*]

Breuer, M. & Windisch, D. (2019). Investment Dynamics and Earnings-return Properties: A Structural Approach. JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, 57, (3), 639-674. [A*]

Campello, M., Ladika, T., & Matta, R. (2019). Renegotiation Frictions and Financial Distress Resolution: Evidence from CDS Spreads. REVIEW OF FINANCE, 23(3), 513-556. [A*]

Ciulli, F. & Kolk, A. (2019). Incumbents and business model innovation for the sharing economy: Implications for sustainability. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 214, 995-1010. [A*]

Ebbers, J.J. & Wijnberg, N.M. (2019). The co-evolution of social networks and selection system orientations as core constituents of institutional logics of future entrepreneurs at school. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS VENTURING, 34, (3), 558-577. [A*]

Georgallis, P., Dowell, G. & Durand, R. (2019). Shine on me: Industry coherence and policy support for emerging industries. ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE QUARTERLY, 64, (3), 503-541. [A*]

Hartog, D.N., den., Hoogh, A.H. de & Belschak, F.D. (2020). Toot your own horn? Leader narcissism and the effectiveness of employee self-promotion. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, 46, (2), 287-320. [A*]

Hüffmeier, J.1, Zerres, A.1, Freund, P.A., Backhaus, K., Trötschel, R. & Hertel, G. (2019). Strong or weak synergy? Revising the assumption of team-related advantages in integrative negotiations. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT45, 2721-2750 (1indicates shared first authorship). [A*]

Inderst, R. & Vladimirov, V. (2019). Growth Firms and Relationship Finance: A Capital Structure Perspective. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, 65, (11), 5411-5426. [A*]

Kamleitner, B., Thürridl, C. & Martin, B. A.S. (2019). A Cinderella Story: How Past Identity Salience Boosts Demand for Repurposed Products. JOURNAL OF MARKETING, 83, (6), 76-92.  [A*]

Kourula, A., Moon, J., Salles-Djelic, M-L. & Wickert, C. (2019). New roles of government in the governance of business conduct: Implications for management and organizational research. ORGANIZATION STUDIES, 40, (8), 1101-1123. [A*]

Kourula, A., Paukku, M., Peterman, A. & Koria, M. (2019). Intermediary roles in regulatory programs: Toward a role-based framework. REGULATION & GOVERNANCE, 13, (2), 141-156. [A*]

Meulen, N. van der., Baalen, P.J. van., Heck, E. van. & Mulder, S. (2019). No teleworker is an island: The impact of temporal and spatial separation along with media use on knowledge sharing networks, JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, 34, (3), 243-262. [A*]

Piazzai, M. & Wijnberg, N.M. (2019). Product proliferation, complexity, and deterrence to imitation in differentiated-product oligopolies. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, 40, (6), 945–958. [A*]

Pisani, N., Garcia-Bernardo, J. & Heemskerk, E. (2020). Does it pay to be a multinational? A large-sample, cross-national replication assessing the multinationality-performance relationship. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, 41, (1), 152-172. [A*]

Shao, Y., Nijstad, B.A. & Täuber, S. (2019). Creativity under workload pressure and integrative complexity: The double-edged sword of paradoxical leadership. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND HUMAN DECISION PROCESSES155, 7-19. [A*]

Siegel, R., Antony, J., Arturo Garza-Reyes, J., Cherrafi, A. & Lameijer, B.A. (2019). Integrated green lean approach and sustainability for SMEs: From literature review to a conceptual framework. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 240, 118205. [A*]

Van der Straaten, K., Pisani, N., & Kolk, A. (2019). Unraveling the MNE wage premium. Forthcoming in JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, 19, 0047-250 [A*]

Publications 2018

International refereed publications

Andonov, A., Hochberg, Y.V. & Rauh, J.D. (2018). Political Representation and Governance: Evidence from the Investment Decisions of Public Pension Funds. THE JOURNAL OF FINANCE, 73, (5), 2041-2086. [A*]

Durand, R. & Georgallis, P. (2018). Differential firm commitment to industries supported by social movement organizations. ORGANIZATION SCIENCE, 29, (1). [A*]

Eerde, W. van & Klingsieck, K. B. (2018). Overcoming Procrastination? A Meta-Analysis of Intervention Studies. EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH REVIEW, 25, 73-85. [A*]

Guyt, J. & Gijsbrechts, E. (2018). On consumer choice patterns and the net impact of feature promotions. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING,, 35, (3), 490-508. [A*]

Jochem, T., Ladika, T. & Sautner, Z. (2018). The Retention Effects of Unvested Equity: Evidence from Accelerated Option Vesting. THE REVIEW OF FINANCIAL STUDIES, 31, (11), 4142–4186. [A*]

Kroos, P., Schabus, M. & Verbeeten, F. (2018). Voluntary Clawback Adoption and the Use of Financial Measures in CFO Bonus Plans. THE ACCOUNTING REVIEW, 93, (3), 213-235. [A*]

Leung, E. & Veenman, D. (2018). Non-GAAP Earnings Disclosure in Loss Firms. JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING RESEARCH, 56, (4), 1083-1137. [A*]

Malmendier, U., Moretti, E. & Peters, F.S. (2018). Winning by Losing: Evidence on the Long-Run Effects of Mergers. THE REVIEW OF FINANIAL STUDIES, 31(8), 3212–3264. [A*]

Nevicka, B., Vianen, A.E.M. van, Hoogh, A.H.B. de & Voorn, B.C.M. (2018). Narcissistic leaders: An asset or a liability? Leader visibility, follower responses, and group-level absenteeism. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY, 103, (7), 703-723. [A*]

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Veenman, D. & Verwijmeren, P. (2018). Do Investors Fully Unravel Persistent Pessimism in Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts? THE ACCOUNTING REVIEW, 93, (3), 349-377. [A*]

Verelst, F., Willem, L., Kessels, R. & Beutels, P. (2018). Individual decisions to vaccinate one's child or oneself: A discrete choice experiment rejecting free-riding motives. SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE, 207, 106-116. [A*]

Zahalka, J., Rudinac, S., Jonsson, B.T., Koelma, D.C. & Worring, M. (2018). Blackthorn: Large-Scale Interactive Multimodal Learning. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, 20, (3), 687-698. [A*]

Publications 2017

International refereed publications

Abernethy, M., Bouwens, J. & Kroos, P. (2017). Organization Identity and Earnings Manipulation. ACCOUNTING, ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY, 58, 1-14. [A*]

Boot, A.W.A., Gopalan, R. & Thakor, A.V. (2017). The entrepreneur's choice between private and public ownership. JOURNAL OF FINANCE, 61, (2), 803-836. [A*]

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Demmers, J., Dolen, W.M. van & Weinberg, C. (2017). When Red Means Go: Non-normative Effects of Red Under Sensation-Seeking. JOURNAL OF CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY, 27, (1), 91–97. [A*]

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Leahu, H., Mandjes, M., Oprescu, A. (2017). A numerical approach to stability of multiclass queueing networks. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL, 62, 5478- 5484. [A*]

Publications 2016

International refereed publications

Betancourt, N. & Wezel, F.C. (2016). The Credibility of Social Climbing: When Does Inter-Firm Mobility [Not] Influence Organizational Status? ORGANIZATION SCIENCE, 27, (6), 1435-1452. [A*]

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Publications 2015

International refereed publications

Belschak, F.D., Hartog, D.N., den & Kalshoven, K. (2015). Leading Machiavellians: How to Translate Machiavellians’ Selfishness into Pro-Organizational Behavior. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, 41, (7), 1934-1956. [A*]

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