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Sheila Lim Omar Lim


The aim of this current project is to understand the role of individuals in managing the demands of work and family, especially on the capabilities of individuals to cope with stress. In a situation where individuals are faced with various problems from the domain of work and family, it is crucial to understand the capabilities of these individuals to cope with work-family conflict. More importantly, some coping strategies may not be beneficial for individuals, especially when these involve the influence of procrastination because it would mean they distract themselves with other irrelevant activities instead of taking actions on solving the problems that they are facing in either work or family domain. This depends on individuals’ self-regulation, where some may be able to resist the temptations of pursuing tasks that are less stressful instead of working on more difficult responsibilities. Overall, this project will help to understand the role of procrastination in the stress process. Specifically, it helps to identify whether individuals delay in taking action on the problems caused by work-family conflict. 


Sheilla Lim Binti Omar Lim