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Lance Cosaert


Lance Cosaert is a Ph.D. Candidate at the department of International Marketing and Strategy at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam. His research interests are at the intersection of organizational learning and entrepreneurship and can be categorized as falling within two main streams of research. Stream 1 focuses on whether country-level differences explain variance in value appropriation of organizations. Within this stream, he examines how intellectual property right and political ideology influences value appropriation of organizational learning. In addition, using a Varieties of Capitalism, he explores how inconsistency between national institutions influences the relationship between entrepreneurial engagement en performance. The second stream examines development of absorptive capacity, the relative influence of its antecedents, and how variables from past studies interact with one another to build AC. Lance has presented his work at several international conferences, including AOM, AAOM, EGOS, EURAM, and SMS.