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Hannah Berkers

Innovations in the field of job analysis to meet the demands of the changing workplace with the use of Big Data.


This PhD project aims to innovate the field of job analysis in order to catch up with the demands and needs of the current day workplace. Job analysis is positioned at the heart of Human Resource Management, since every HR practice, like training, selection and job design, needs accurate job information. For almost a century, the process of gaining understanding of the activities, goals and requirements of particular jobs has been done in a certain way. However, the underlying assumptions of the job analysis processes have become questionable. Jobs are becoming more and more boundaryless, are found to be varying a lot depending on country, organization and job holder and should rather be seen as constantly evolving roles instead of static jobs. In other words, the changing nature of work calls for an adapted version of job analysis research and practice. So far, this call has not been answered and the aim of this project is to do so by using Big Data. Until now, decisions in HR are more based on qualitative hunches than using job data to its full potential. The new techniques available with the use of Big Data would allow the analysis of a huge amount of CV and vacancy data to facilitate our understanding of work. In order to ensure the practical relevance of this project, the aim of this project is to also look for collaboration with corporate partners, for example through the Eduworks project.


Hannah Berkers MSc

Supervisor: prof. dr. Deanne den Hartog

Co-supervisor: dr. Stefan Mol

Co-supervisor: dr. Gábor Kismihók