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ABS-RI PhD Workshops

The ABS research institute will continue organizing PhD workshops focusing on methods of data collection (e.g., how to use text mining, how to conduct Experience Sampling Methodology studies), methods for analyzing data (e.g., multilevel modelling, addressing endogeneity issues), and broader scientific topics that may advance your research competencies (e.g., academic writing, careers, developing research questions, research ethics, reviewing, etc).

Suggested Workshops

These short workshops will be especially tailored to both internal and external ABS PhDs and can form part of the training they need during their PhD program. Thus, PhD candidates are especially encouraged to attend. Of course, all faculty who are interested or want to brush up on their knowledge about the topic discussed are also more than welcome to join the workshops.

They are open to all faculty.

Coordinator: dr. Merlijn Venus

Availability of PhD courses at UvA and elsewhere

Please find an overview of the suggested courses below:

Tinbergen Institute (Econometrics, Statistics, Economics, Finance)

Business in Society Research Master (Business, Management, Research methods, Ethics)

Utrecht University (Methods, Statistics)

Limperg Institute (Accounting, Auditing)

Landelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde (Operations Research)

Erim (Quantitative methods, Finance, Economics, Business, Management)

TranSkills (Transversal skills training)

International Graduate Schools (Link to International Graduate Schools via PNN)

EIASM / EDEN (Link to doctoral seminars)

Courses by the University Library (UvA)