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Amsterdam Centre for Service Innovation

AMSI - the Amsterdam Centre for Service Innovation - focuses on research and education in management of innovation in services.

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Through research and executive education AMSI facilitates service organisations to become more effective in their innovation processes and create new services for their stakeholders. In our research we look for a deeper understanding of various aspects of service innovation, such as: service concepts & designs, service delivery processes and technologies, service business models, service entrepreneurship and growth strategies.



  • Models, tools and capabilities for service innovation;
  • Product-service systems manufacturing firms;
  • Collaboration and open innovation;
  • Service design & innovation.



Design Driven Business Innovation 

Professional Post-Graduate Course 2018 (September - December). In collaboration with STBY - Design Research for Service Innovation

In this course professionals develop their knowledge and skills in design-driven innovation. The course offers 8 sessions in which the participants from various companies discuss and apply new insights and tools to business innovation.

Collaboration with companies in master courses and projects

Companies have various opportunities to collaborate with AMSI and with master students in innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Master thesis projects (November 2018 - June 2019) – students work on an assignment of a company and analyze innovation challenges and opportunities  and generate solutions for the company. 
  • Innovation Management (Master course - Nov-Dec 2018) – companies come to the class room and meet students for guest lectures and assignments / projects
  • Design Driven Business Innovation (Master course - Febr-March 2019)
  • Entrepreneurship in the Services Industries (Master course - Febr-March 2019).


Postal Adress

University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam Business School
Amsterdam Centre for Service Innovation
P.O. Box 15953
1001 NL Amsterdam

Or contact Wietze van der Aa, director of AMSI.

dr. W. (Wietze) van der Aa

Faculty of Economics and Business

Section Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Roeterseilandcampus - building M

Room Location

Plantage Muidergracht 12
1018 TV Amsterdam