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Eureka! Knowledge Newsletter

The quarterly online Knowledge Newsletter Eureka! contains interviews on key trends and recent research insights in the field of business from Amsterdam Business School researchers. The research targets alumni, corporate contacts and other interested parties.

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Managers less rational than models tend to assume

Interview with Sander Onderstal | People rely on emotions and moral standards, such as the consideration of fairness, in their financial decisions. 'Managers are "humans" too'.

Machine learning helps to classify service requests in city

Interview with Maarten Sukel | To improve the liveability of cities, day-to-day and future problems need to be solved. Machine learning can give the solutions.

Make better decisions with help of machine learning

Interview with Qingchen Wang | Businesses are doing a great job to gather data, but not to use it. Machine learning can offer businesses concrete solutions.

Reducing process variation is crucial

Interview with Ronald Does | Improve efficiency and reduce the number of avoidable errors in processes, especially in hospitals.

Nobody examines what employees actually do

Interview with Hannah Berkers | Fixed work activities are a thing of the past. Employees' tasks change, which has an impact on their motivation and organisations.

Organisations make proactive employees

Interview with Renske van Geffen | It is mainly the organisation that determines whether employees are 'proactive’, it isn’t something that happens automatically.
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