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Eureka! Knowledge Newsletter

The quarterly online Knowledge Newsletter Eureka! contains interviews on key trends and recent research insights in the field of business from Amsterdam Business School researchers. The research targets alumni, corporate contacts and other interested parties.

Interested in reading about the latest economics research at the UvA Amsterdam School of Economics?  Read the latest Eureka! articles published by ASE researchers at the link below.

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The interviews:

Artificial intelligence needed to make sense of the heaps of big data information - Evangelos Kanoulas

Big data gets the right man or woman to the right place - Colin Lee

‘Just a tiny part of the information that’s available is being used’ - Edo Roos Lindgreen

Better to invest in academic excellence than to give protection to Dutch companies - Arnoud Boot

Reduce the risks of big banks by regulating them, not by breaking them up - Mark Dijkstra

Artists’ careers highly dependent on third-party signals - but not just any signals - Monika Kackovic

Statistics contribute to dramatic drop in average length of hospitalisation - Ronald Does

Performance related remuneration delivers higher value - Jan Bouwens

Radically new products deserve a new label - Bram Kuijken

Credit boom led to increase in house prices - Alexander van de Minne

Social media radically changes the field of marketing - Willemijn van Dolen

A good management accountant also takes psychological aspects into account - Victor Maas

Digitalisation expert Peter van Baalen: When the rubber meets the road, things get exciting

'Tiebreaker selling’ will sell standard products' - Marc Wouters

‘There are ethical guidelines, it’s about acting when they are breached’ - Brendan O'Dwyer

Genoeconomics expert Philipp Koellinger: UvA at forefront of interdisciplinary research

'Multimedia mining and cross-pollination will take Big Data Science to a higher level' - Marcel Worring

Goodness of firms: “In search of the human dimension in CSR” - Alan Muller

Active networkers create business for others within incubators - Joris Ebbers

Multinationals and small farmers: The complexity of market-oriented poverty alleviation - Ans kolk

Genoeconomics: how genes influence economic behaviour - Philipp Koellinger

Lawyers play a much larger role than expected in acquisitions - Christel Karsten

Recruitment & selection: testing should focus more on knowledge and less on intelligence - Stefan Mol

What can service providers learn from the Children’s Helpline? - Willemijn van Dolen

Sustainable bonuses: good intentions or window dressing? - Ans Kolk

‘No need to fear social media for transparent companies' - Willemijn van Dolen

You can learn entrepreneurship; from your father or your mother - Mirjam van Praag

Big Data’s multidisciplinary nature tackled by UvA-courses - Kevin Pak