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Silvia Rossetto

Optimal timing of strategic financial decisions


Every actor in society, whether an individual, an enterprise, or an institution, has to take decisions constrained by the information, the resources available and eventual others players' reaction, aimed at the creation and exploitation of opportunities. Whether the decision is to accept a new employment, launch a new product, enter a strategic partnership, or create a new infrastructure, there is a comparison of value gained and opportunity costs in order to decide if and when to do to the investment.


The essays presented in this volume cover both topics in industrial organization and corporate finance. In each of them the timing is the key choice in firms strategic decisions. In the first paper I study the launching of a new product in a duopoly with a competitive advantage. In the second paper I examine partial exit from an investment as a strategy to overcome negative synergies between the investment and the main firm activity. In the third paper I study the issue of optimal timing of IPOs. The choice of such diverse topics underlines how relevant and conclusive the timing issue is in widely differing issues in economics and finance.