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Joris Ebbers

Economics of the cultural industries with a focus on the motion picture industry

Industries that are highly innovative, such as creative industries, often
organize their production on the basis of projects. The overall aim of thisthesis was to gain insight in the organizational dynamics of project basedindustries. Project based industries areorganized around single purpose project based organizations (PBOs) that are disbanded after completion of the project for which it was specifically setup. Individuals in theseindustries, often freelance professionals, are continuously searching for new projects to join, or other individuals to join the projects they have setup themselves. Project basedindustries, in other words, are characterizedby continuously shifting temporary alliances, of which the industry as awhole can be regarded as the social network, the professionals that areactive in that industry as the nodes of this network, and the project collaborations among these professionals as the ties connecting these nodes. Looking at project based industries in terms of social networks ofnodes connected by ties, in turn, allows one to study its structure and dynamics by applying the theories and methods developed in the academic field of social networks. The empirical setting of this thesis was the projectbased Dutch film industry in which four studies were conducted.