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Erik de Vries

ICT enabled distribution of services


The central theme of this thesis is the distribution of services. The theme is studied from an informational perspective, in which insights from the two disciplines information management / information systems and service marketing and management are combined. In part one, the information requirements for service specification in the front office in relation to the strategic question of service positioning is the central theme. A theory is build and confronted with eight front offices in four business units (Unique Nederland, Gak Nederland, Interpolis and Sioo). Part two addresses four innovative phenomena in service distribution: multi-channeling, coordination issues in multi-channeling, front, mid and back office architectures (including six short cases) and ICT-based knowledge management in supply channels (including a case study at IBM Nederland). Part two also contains a study on the application of the case study method in 55 case studies in the information systems discipline to support the design of the study in part one. The thesis is relevant to scientists, practitioners, students and teachers in the field of information systems, service management and marketing and related disciplines like strategy, marketing, organizational design, product management or human resource management.